There is an old children’s game of hot potato. According to Wikipedia: Hot potato is a party game that involves players gathering in a circle and tossing a small object such as a beanbag or tennis ball to each other while music plays. The player who is holding the “hot potato” is out when the music stops.

Seems like the Alabana Government is taking one specific case and acting like it’s the “hot potato.” The case I’m referring to is the 14 year old rape victim and her baby and other members of her family. This story has circulated the globe now and clearly the elected officials in the U.S., particularly the Attorney Generals are playing the “hot potato” game. Alabama Attorney General, Luther Strange, and Shelby County, Alabama District Attorney, Jill Lee have tossed this family’s case back and forth and no one wants to be responsible for the job they were elected to do. They are using tax payer funds for their salaries but won’t even answer basic questions.

This is the conversation between  a concerned citizen and Alabama Attorney General’s Office of Victim’s Assistance:
Alabama Attorney General Victim’s Assistance Jackie Faller (not sure is spelled correctly…she didn’t want to give her name but finally did just before putting the person on permanent hold!)

The caller said “I’m calling about a teen rape victim and need to know where I could file a report.”Faller said to call the Shelby County District Attorney. The caller replied,”I didn’t say where this was. How do you know?” “We’ve gotten several calls,” she said. To which the caller said,”Well that’s not working so I need someone above Shelby County DA because they aren’t doing their job.”

Jackie Faller continued, “This case is not currently under our jurisdiction.”
Caller asked,”When did that change?” She hesitated a bit then said again to call Shelby County because that’s what she was told to say. Pressed further for the name of that person who told her to say that, again she gave the same answer as before…call Shelby County DA. Then the caller asked,”Are you feeling threatened that you will lose your job if you tell me. Faller replied,”Mam you’re out of line!”

But what reason would a person have for not giving the name of the one who told them to repeat that statement? The caller asked Faller, “Do you fear losing your job,” then added “Could I speak to your supervisor?” Faller said ok and left the caller on hold for 29 minutes. The caller then hung up. “It was obvious Faller did not intend on returning to the call,” the caller admitted.

Shortly afterwards the caller dialed Shelby County District Attorney as suggested by the US Attorney General’s office of Victim’s Assistance.
Receptionist: DA’s office:
Caller: Jackie Faller at the um Attorney General for you know Luther Strange said that we give you a call to do a report for a case that’s currently going on in Shelby County with DHR and I’m sure you’re familiar with that case.
Receptionist: Um yes mam. What’s your name?
Caller: (states name) What’s yours?
Receptionist: Umm I’m the receptionist here.
Caller: Right..
Gets interrupted by reception: Uh we’re not able to comment about that case.Caller: No I’m calling to make a complaint. I’m not asking you to uh make a comment on there. Um I would like to file a complaint and would just like to know who would be able to take that complaint?
Receptionist:Um I’m not aware. You;re welcome to call DHR. However no one in our office is going to be able to talk with you.
Caller: Right. It is um DHR that I would like investigated.
Receptionist: Yes mam
Caller: So can we go ahead and take that report? What is- interrupted
Receptionist: We’re not able
Caller: What’s your typical procedure when you handle complaints?
Receptionist: We’re not able to speak with anyone who is not a legal representative.
Caller: I’m not asking for legal help or anything I just want to make a complaint.In fact you probably already know that I’m an advocate for the teen mom and all I’m asking  is what are your normal procedures for taking a complaint because Luther*she puts the caller on hold at this point
On hold for 1 minute
Receptionist: Mam
Caller: Yes
Receptionist: Hey you can call the Sheriff’s Office to file a complaint on them
Caller: OK and why is it your office isn’t responding because we have a complaint about the Sheriff’s Department too.
Receptionist:Ok Ok Well I mean you can call the Attorney General’s office for that.
Caller: We did and they said to call you.
Receptionist: Ok well I mean we don’t take complaints on them
Caller: Oh really who takes complaints on them?
Receptionist: The Attorney General’s Office on the Sheriff’s Office but as far as DHR – interrupted
Caller: Are you talking about Luther Strange the Attorney General?
Receptionist: uh huh
Caller: Well I just called that office and Jackie Faller is the one who said to give you guys a call and gave me your phone number
Receptionist: and as far as DHR goes you can call the Sheriff’s Office.
Caller: But the Sheriff’s office answers to DHR so see there’s a conflict of interest there
Receptionist: quiet for a few seconds…Well I’m not sure what to tell you.
another pause Caller: So you’re telling me there is no one who can enforce the law on an entity that is breaking the law?Right?
Receptionist: Ok I’m telling you complaints like that has to go through the Attorney General’s office. It’s not through our office.
Caller: OK But what do you think I should do if the Attorney General is sending everybody to your office? Have you guys spoken to each other?
Receptionist: no mam I’m, not that I’m aware of but I’m not sure what to tell you.
Caller: Is there a supervisor I can speak with since you’re just a receptionist?
Receptionist: What was your name again?
Caller: It’s (states first name) and you didn’t tell me yours.
Receptionist: Hold on one second
On hold for 2 minutes
Receptionist: Mam the head of our office is District Attorney Jill Lee and if you want to leave your name and number I can have her call you I can have her call you back
Caller: O K  um My name is (states name) and gives phone number. And so you’re not- you’re refusing to give me your name
Receptionist: Yes mam (hesitates) I’m Marjorie I’m the receptionist
Caller: Thank you Marjorie
Receptionist. Ok Thank you bye bye
Caller: Ok bye bye

Pass the Buck, Hot Potato or Dodge Ball no matter how you look at it destroying the lives of innocent families is NO GAME! Our country is in desperate trouble when there is no accountability. People are calling race wars right now but it is clearly a government power trip against the taxpayers of America. Distractions that cause of to fight colors instead of getting to the real issue. A government that refuses to control their own. Starting at the very top with Hillary Clinton blatantly and grossly violating laws and abusing her position yet the head of the FBI does not want to prosecute her and send her on her way to run for President!

The good news is that the United States office of Attorney General did spend time taking a complaint. Someone named Jayla was very helpful in typing all the words of the complain spending over 20 minutes. The bad news is that there isn’t a follow up or a person to connect with about the case later. It was simply stated that they report would be filed. There is a Freedom of Information form that can be filled out later to inquire about the report but no case number or reference number was given. Not sure how that will work in finding what is happening with report. If business operated like the government it would either result in bankruptcy or jail!

Yes there are “good” people in government but until the good ones can oust the bad ones we will continue to have corruption at every and all levels of government. Favors are done to cover another’s illegal activity in hopes of a “return favor.”

If good people remain silent in the face of evil they are no better than the evil itself. Cowards lose. There are those who risk their very lives to expose truth over lies. Some do end up dead but those who live in fear and do nothing to save themselves or their families have already died!

If you are not a coward then continue to call anyone and everyone you think could help. Congressmen, Senators, friends of people in power anyone you know can help. Remember those who remained silent during the holocaust were later taken too.

There is so much evil and it can seem overwhelming to many. But together good can overcome evil. NOW is the time to unite and no longer be led away to the auction block by governing powers.


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