ALABAMA DHR:”Best Interests” Not For Children

So the ongoing mantra for the Department of Human Resources aka Child Protective Services is “in the best interest of the child.” But case after case shows that is far from the truth. One Alabama case demonstrates that fact from the very beginning. A 51 hour old breast fed  baby in the hospital was taken from his 14 year old mother who had been raped. She chose life for her baby when some suggested she abort. The baby was taken with no warrant, no court order, just a phone call to the police who happily obliged the illegal “legal” kidnapping of children. No questions are asked of the police to DHR. The judge seems to have a vested interest in each case being paid right along with everyone else for the “best interest of the child.” Court continues to be extended week after week with little to no discussion of the real issues of why they were removed from a loving home. Instead they focus on Facebook posts and other internet media and the “best interests” of DHR and all involved on the side of DHR. Attempts by anyone speaking for the children are immediately silenced by the judge. The court reporter is told what to record and what not to record.So what’s the purpose of even having a court reporter?

Most recent “best interests” for the twins are to have them repeat their 8th grade. No they did not fail 8th grade. In fact the young mother was an honor roll student. While there is a high school within 1.1 miles of the group home the young mother is understandably terrified to leave her baby with incompetent DHR agents, fearing he will die (denied medical help twice, almost fatal) or be stolen from her again. So she is refusing to go to school without her baby. But DHR refuses to allow this and the school isn’t equipped to accommodate the mom and her baby. DHR has their own “school” but do not have 9th grade. They are telling the mom that she’ll just have to do 8th grade again!
And that is in the “best interest” of the child? Absolutely not.

Alabama DHR  has substandard teaching in their own facilities. As documented by the grandparents the education given to the older twin boy and his sisters was substandard and lacked the credits needed to graduate. Had the grandmother not been part of local education system she would not have known about “credit recovery” and gotten the help her grandchildren needed to graduate. They were two years behind in their education due to being “taught” by DHR educators on their own campus. Definitely not in the “best interest” of the children.

Her twin brother was given a phone by the foster father with whom he was living. The boy proceeded to put pornography on the phone. The boy’s thinking was to make the good Christian family outraged at his actions and then he would be able to return home. Well that isn’t how it works. He was immediately deemed a “predator”, removed from that home and subjected to a non credited faulty sexual test called ABEL. Deegan Malone has been  Alabama DHR’s “preferred” person for 24 counties for psychological evaluations. She’s had a secure place with DHR for many years. The twin brother was immediately placed in a group home that his brother had been subjected to over eight years ago. That brother was falsely accused of raping his twin sister. Yes there are two sets of boy/girl twins in this family. He popped his sister’s bra strap and he was reported to DHR by his mother as raping his sister. All five children in the home were removed. Only twelve years old at the time the boy was interrogated for five hours  without counsel or family or anyone when he finally broke down and “told them what they wanted to hear.” He thought he’d be able to go home but instead they imprisoned him in the same “group home” that the younger twin brother is in now. The younger brother told DHR “You don’t think I’m smart enough to delete the porn from the phone if I didn’t want you to find it?” They do not care about his “best interests” only theirs. More money!

The sister who supposedly was raped remains furious to this day when talking about this. “I was not raped and no one believed me or even examined me.All he did was pop my bra strap.” But she too would be in foster care for years until she aged out. And continues to be tormented by DHR.

The pattern of accusations continues and children continue to be “flagged” as the social worker slipped in saying at Shelby Baptist Medical Center . She was talking about the 14 year old mother at the time. Her sister though has had three children taken from her all for DHR’s “best interests” not of the children. See each time a child is picked up Federal funds pour in. Some states receive as much as $10,000 for each pick up!

So the older twin mom gave birth to two children while in DHR foster care. Her foster mom dropped dead and DHR removed this young mom’s children without taking her. She was outraged that her children were taken and DHR deemed her “bi polar” needing a psych evaluation and drugs. She refused to be evaluated by Deegan Malone because that person had said false things about her brother. She told DHR she would go to an independent doctor but DHR said that was not acceptable. Later they terminated her rights and have placed the children for adoption. The mom is appealing with the Alabama Supreme Court. No reason, but someone told her that she was in foster care too long. Was that her fault? And is that a reason to take children from someone? Again we see “best interests ” of DHR at work. This mom gave birth to her third child one month before her sister and without warning, without warrant, reason or court order her baby was removed from the nursery and she was shown the door! Not even given a wheelchair ride to the door.This mom is married to the father of two of her children. She is employed as is her husband and they are living independently in their own apartment. Having done everything required by DHR they still are given the run around and DHR is now talking of terminating parental rights for this baby. Treated like criminals these children and these young moms are given no remedy for the human rights violations done to their whole family. Six children are now in custody from this family and there is yet to be given a real reason. Federal laws as well as state laws are blatantly being violated. reported from the beginning on the story stating that the hospital had mentioned there were “safety concerns.” So the question was asked if there were true “safety concerns” shouldn’t the 14 year old “child” mother have been taken with her baby? Truly there were no safety concerns. DHR agents had “approved the home” just the week before. Because of social media receiving over 1 million views in less than 24 hours DHR then removed the 14 year old mother from her loving home along with her 14 year old twin brother. If the “best interest of the child” were truly their motive they would have allowed the new mom to gather the necessary items females need after giving birth. She was taken from her home with the clothes on her back. Her brother who was reluctant to go with the police was threatened with being tazed. Tazing-is that in the “best interest of the child?”

The twins were separated for the first time in their lives. The mom was reunited with her baby and they were taken to a toxic black mold ridden facility in another county. There she was immediately put on “kitchen duty” with total disregard for the new mom’s stitches after giving birth and forced to clean and sweep. Because of this disregard her stitches ripped. She was also forced to wash her own clothes and prepare her own meals as well as breast feed every two hours. She was denied the right to speak to her attorney and family. Her phone was confiscated when they discovered she had sent pictures of the horrid conditions to her advocate and family. Her accused rapist was released on bail twice! He is now in jail on four counts of rape but I bet he isn’t washing his own clothes,cooking his own meals and denied speaking to his attorney and family.

DHR continues to violate laws as well as their mantra of “best interest of the child.” The young mom’s baby was denied medical attention twice. The first time he was deathly ill and only after threats to call police did DHR get medical help. The child at one and a half weeks old was taken to the local hospital. His condition was so severe that they rushed him to Children’s hospital in Birmingham. He survived only to be returned with his mother to the exact place that refused medical help!

They were returned to the mold toxic abusive group home and then 4 weeks later she was denied medical care for her baby once again. DHR gave “gas drops” along with prune and apple juice for her screaming baby. This went on for days then at a visitation the grandmother demanded the baby be taken to a doctor. It was said that even other social workers were saying the baby needed medical attention, “There’s something wrong with this baby.” But nothing was done until the grandmother made demands refusing to let the baby go back to the group home.

The public was outraged only three weeks ago by DHR’s attempt to force circumcision on the baby against the mother’s wishes. There was no talking to them so the attorney for the baby and mom filed an emergency motion to stop the circumcision and it was approved.

The 14 year old mom was being forced to attend a Church of Christ until her attorney demanded that stop. A couple of times she has been allowed to visit her own church but not allowed to sit with friends or talk with them. She was guarded by not just one but two DHR agents even going to the restroom with her. They are controlling every movement as if they were mass murderers. The continued mental torture is weighing heavy on them. The boy has lost four pounds since arriving in DHR custody on June 17, 2016. The young mom also is very thin and she is physically and mentally exhausted.

Weeks ago a male DHR agent had to be asked to leave the room when the 14 year old  was being examined after her stitches tore. He was not going to leave on his own! Another time a female DHR agent refused to leave while the girl was being examined. She has no privacy. She is  very strong girl but DHR seems determined to make her break. Recently they were trying to get her to fill out paperwork “on her depression.” They do everything they can to create an emotional response in the children. Once they react or break they get more money because of “disabilities.” The more drugged children they have the more revenue is generated. If she admitted to depression it would give them the right to drug her and give them reason to take her baby away. And that has been their goal all along. Never was the “best interests of the child” shown to this young mom, her child, her twin brother or the rest of their family.

Many families can attest to the very strategic method by which Alabama Department of Human Resources is destroying families and getting paid huge amounts for doing so. Children ripped from loving homes are put in strange and substandard environments and expected to “comply.” If they do not comply they are punished. DHR traumatizes children. Emotionally abusing these children leads to “acting out,” Systematically, children are mistreated. When they “break” that enables DHR to drug their victims and collect bonus funds for “children with disabilities.”  You would think the Inspector General would use this opportunity to show this as Medicare Fraud because foster care children are receiving Medicare for the payment of the drugs.

A report done in 2015 called Second=Generation Antipsychotic Drugs and Children comes from the Department of Human Services under the supervision of Daniel R. Levinson, Inspector General, March 2015,OEI-07-12-00320

“We selected a sample of 687 claims for SGAs prescribed to children in California, Florida, Illinois, New York, and Texas. These States represented approximately 39 percent of total Medicaid payments for SGAs in 2011. Board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrists reviewed medical records related to the sampled claims using seven criteria related to quality-of-care concerns (see the chart below for the criteria). We established these criteria on the basis of information and guidelines issued by various Federal and State agencies and professional associations regarding the prescribing of psychotropic drugs to children.”

Second-Generation Antipsychotic Drug Use Among Medicaid-Enrolled Children- Quality-of-Care Concerns (OEI-07-12-00320; 03-15). - oei-07-12-00320.pdf 2016-08-01 14-56-37

There seems to be a specific pattern with the Alabama Department of Human Resources. Children who “act out” because they were emotionally tortured, being torn from loving homes, parents and everything they know are quickly diagnosed with disorders and drugged. Many parents have shared their concern about their children being drugged. With no money for private lawyers they are pushed through the system by attorneys saying “just go along.” They never get their children back. And many others have children and are so afraid to speak out for fear of retaliation as Alabama DHR has proven to do.

The group home where the girl and baby are staying is worse than a prison. Prisoners have exercise and are able to go outside to have some sunshine. The young mom was denied sitting in the sun with her baby as directed by the doctor for slight jaundice in the baby.
The mother was told, ” if you want to raise this baby like an adult you’re gonna be treated like an adult.” Seems like that meant they were going to punish her and treat her harshly. Even adult women who give birth have the help of family or friends. This young mother surely has that support from family but is being denied by DHR. Adult mothers don’t have their every movement policed and their privacy invaded. When normal moms go to the hospital for check ups they do not have a stranger watching everything. A rape victim that has already been violated should not have to endure the repeated  humiliation of being naked and exposed to strangers.

If she’s “going to be treated like an adult” that usually means having your baby in the room with you when you sleep if you so choose. But this is not an option for this mother.  And while they say they will treat her like an adult they force her to go to bed at 8 pm!

There are countless ongoing human rights violations against this 14 year old mother and her family. Medical Kidnap has done a great job of posting updates. Many things have been done to this poor girl to make her break emotionally. She is strong beyond her years but she is human. . DHR would have removed children in a heartbeat from any home that refused to take a child to the hospital but they returned the child to the same negligent home. Four weeks later they again refused to take the baby to the hospital after the mom AND other social workers said, “There is something wrong with this baby,” who wouldn’t stop screaming. Instead they gave the baby “gas drops” along with prune and apple juice for days! Any educated person knows a six week old baby’s digestive system can’t handle that. It was only when the young mom and baby were visiting with her grandmother that the baby was taken to the hospital. Grandmother demanded and would not allow them to go back to the group home until the baby was seen. The doctor instructed everyone to absolutely not give the juices to the baby. But Zantac was given on the “idea” that the baby had acid reflux. Drugs were given to the baby before for meningitis when the child did not have meningitis. They are quick to give drugs without proper evaluations and testing. The baby at this time seems to be doing better and once again he and his mother were returned to the same abusive and negligent facility.

DHR takes children from good homes and puts them in substandard facilities,treating them worse than prisoners. When they break emotionally they are drugged. Young mothers who refuse to take the drugs have their parental rights terminated and the children are placed in adoptive homes. Every time a child is picked up federal monies are given to DHR-NOT when parents are proven incapable of taking care of the child. Listen to what one person, Carlos Morales as he speaks about the fraud in the system as a former Texas Child Protective Services Agent.

Many children have been broken under Department of Human Resources emotional torture of children and families. In fact the young mother is experiencing depression as any normal human would. The strategy of DHR in the past has been to break a person emotionally and then drug them. However if a person was deemed “bi polar” by DHR’s own  and said to need drugs, refusing would be grounds for termination of parental rights. There is a definite pattern with DHR.

The young mother isn’t allowed to have any conversations or relationship with anyone in the group home. Limited correspondence with family that is heavily monitored seems more like a hostage situation than a group that “protects children.” The emotional damage done to families is beyond measure. Sunday, July 31st this young mom was allowed to go to her church but was not allowed to speak to friends or sit with them. She was heavily guarded by not one but two DHR workers. This is insure the young girl does not share any info about what is actually happening in this group home. That was evident when they confiscated her phone immediately after she sent pictures of the mold ridden facility.

The 14 year old’s mother was being “evaluated” to see if she would be able to take the children into her own home. Based on “missing tile” she was not given the children!
Since when is “missing tile” grounds for not being able to take care of your children – especially when those same children are subjected to not only “missing tiles” but also to black mold and living conditions that are far worse?

When will this end? When every person who has been abused by this system and every person who hears the stories of this corrupt system comes together to expose and end the abuse. But the fact is that so many people are literally saying, “I wish I could help but I have children that DHR has” or “I don’t want to take the chance and have DHR take my children because I spoke out against them.”  And that is exactly what keeps DHR in the business of kidnapping children for money and other things as many children have already shared! Sexual abuse has been all too common amongst children in child “protective” services.

Let your voice be heard. Call officials in Alabama and keep calling. Real lives are counting on us to fight for them. Only when we fight together in large numbers will we be able to take down this corruption. Call today:
Alabama DHR (334) 242-1310
DHR can be contacted at (205) 669-3000, Monday through Friday from 8 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.CST
Alabama Attorney General   1-800-626-7676

Shelby Court House(205) 669-3750 Judge Corey Moore
Send letters to

Judge Corey Moore
PO Box 1253
Columbiana, AL 35051

The Alabama State Victim Notification Service (AlaVINE) is a service through which victims of crime can use the telephone or Internet to search for information regarding their offender’s custody status and register to receive telephone and e-mail notification when the offender’s custody status changes. This service is brought to you by the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, the Alabama Attorney General’s Office and the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center. The VINE toll-free number for AlaVINE is: 1-877-846-3425. Please visit the website below to search for offender custody information or register to automatically receive offender status information:

Call about the 14 yo being forced to attend 8th grade again!! Student Services Division of the Shelby County Board of Education at (205) 682-7046



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