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Dept. of Human Resources Failing Children and Parents

Nothing new… this has been reported  all over the United States. But one particular family has been in the news for continued abuse of power by Department of Human Resources in Alabama. reported on babies being taken from mothers before they could even leave the hospital. A 14 year old rape survivor was treated worse than the accused rapist who was free to walk the streets for a year after he was accused of raping another 14 year old in June of 2015.

The recent 14 year old had her baby taken from the hospital and her sister also had her baby taken from the hospital with no evidence,  no warrant, nothing to prove abuse one month earlier. The only abuse was on the part of the agency created to keep children from harm but doing completely opposite.

At this time the young mom and her baby have been released to the girl’s relative. But there is retaliation against the grandparents for their cries for help and are banned from seeing or speaking to any of their grand or great grand children.

DHR is a rogue agency that seems to answer to no one as many advocates and concerned citizens have tried to contact authorities to stop this abuse only to be told to call someone else. The Alabama Attorney General’s office tells callers to call the Shelby County DA and the Shelby County DA tells callers to call the Attorney General’s office. Police say they don’t need warrants and simply “do their job” when DHR calls them. NO questions asked. Who will stop the abuse?

Haly, the 14 year’s sister was put in foster care when she was 12 without reason, evidence or warrant…only false accusations that were never proven. While in custody DHR failed to protect Haly and  she gave birth to two children under the supervision of a foster mother. Those children were taken from her without ever giving her a chance. And at 18 she was abandoned and treated like a criminal when her foster mother suddenly died. Again without reason, without warrant, DHR traumatized this young mother and children by separating them.


DHR terminated Haly’s rights to her first two children. She is appealing. Her precious baby girl now just over 4 months is in custody also. DHR has played with the emotions of parents and children causing great harm. Haly has done everything they asked her to do to get her baby back and still they refuse to release her baby. Now she has written an email and sent it to a list of people who have the authority to act judicially. We deliberately left off her last name and contact info.

Officials that were sent emails are:
Bill Dunn <>,,,, Cam Ward <>, Mac McCutcheon <>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

If after reading her email you would like to address the above people who could stop the abuse please email this list asking why they have not done everything they can to do as DHR’s own code states:

Aid in the preservation, rehabilitation and reuniting of families;

None of these have been done to help Haly’s family. There are currently six children in this family in DHR’s clutches.

This is Haly’s email:

Questions to the Court, SCDHR, and the Attorneys that Represent Me (Haly Boothe)

September 12, 2016

Alabama Dept. of Human Resources Code says in

Chapter 660-1-2 (d) Aid in the preservation, rehabilitation and reuniting of families

DHR has failed to demonstrate any evidence of this code for my family for years.

I am tired of being ignored, seeing my children abused, and being denied the basic rights of an American citizen to live my life free from government abuse. There has never been any legitimate reason for my children to be taken from me. My life was almost destroyed by your false accusations against my brother, Haydn. I spent too many years in the care of people who actually did abuse me and my children. Now you are using your control to ruin the lives of my children and the rest of my family.

“The Federal baseline statement for abuse is: Any recent act or failure to act on the part of a parent or caretaker which results in death, serious physical or emotional harm, sexual abuse or exploitation; or an act or failure to act, which presents an imminent risk of serious harm.”

SCDHR, you think you know what I might do in the future, but how do you know what I will do? You do not know me! SCDHR you have been proven to be abusive to children in your care over and over again for years. In my family, it’s been a lifetime of attacks and tearing our family apart with lies and no real protection from the abuse SCDHR has allowed. My sister’s baby, Braelon, almost died from medical neglect, but SCDHR returned Brendan and Braelon back to the same abusive, mold infested facility at Child Haven in Cullman. You allowed the staff at Child Haven to lie on my grandmother. My grandmother never told Brendan not to eat or not go to school. In case you do not know it, my grandmother is an educator, so school is important. Also, my grandmother makes sure we have plenty to eat. My grandmother was upset because Brendan told us that she was not getting anything to eat when she was being transported for visits. Two different times Child Haven neglected medical attention for Braelon, but my sister and her baby were returned to Child Haven both times. Yall caused emotional damage to me, Haydn, Braedan, Jonna, and Brendan. I was abused while in foster care.  I was told was that I could have as many babies as I wanted because my foster mom would take care of them. I witnessed my own children being hit when we were with Maxine Berry, but no one stopped the abuse. I even threatened to call the police because Maxine was hitting me and my son, Haydn. Maxine said “Now, who are they going to believe, me or you?”  Now two of my children have been given to strangers with the plan for them to be adopted, and your plans are that they never know that I am their mother. NO child should ever have to endure the trauma SCDHR does to children but yall continue to say that we (my family) are the problem.  I want justice to be served.


I have listed the questions I have been asking for years, but no one seems to want to answer me. My questions are:

1.      Erin, you were the GAL for my son Haydn Boothe and my daughter Ka’myia Lett since they were born in 2012 and 2013. I had both of these children while I was in foster care (I was 16 and 17 years old when they were born) because DHR accused my grandparents Dee & Rodney Prince of abusing us. Erin, you are also the GAL for my daughter Avyonna, my nephew Braelon, and you requested to be the GAL for my sister, Brendan (you had Patrick Kennedy removed as her GAL). You never brought diapers for my children or gave me money for my children while I was in foster care before Mrs. Howard died. You never came to Monroeville to check on me or my children. The only time I saw you was at court. You never gave me anything for my birthday.

2.      Erin, why did you have Patrick Kennedy removed from Brendan’s case. But he is still the GAL for my brother Braedan’s case. Patrick Kennedy has been the Gal for me and my siblings. He does not return calls, and he never came or called to check on any of us while we were in foster care.

3.      I want to know why my grandparents continue to be harassed and accused of abusing my siblings by SCDHR. All they have ever done is take care of me and my siblings. Why does DHR leave us alone for a few years, but then yall come back and say you have a report of abuse? My grandparents have had to hire an attorney many times over the years. They have been investigated and every time these investigations were reported as non-founded and my siblings were returned to my grandparents. I did not return to my grandparents until after I was made to leave the system because I did not want to leave my children in foster care.

4.      How can you accuse my grandparents of abusing us for over 20 years, but still allow children to live with them if they have done what yall said? The reason is because yall know yall lied on my grandparents just like yall are lying on me! Now, SCDHR is accusing me of abusing Avyonna. How can I abuse a child I have never been allowed to be alone with, except when she was born?

5.      How can yall say I might abuse Avyonna, so that is the reason yall refuse to return her to me? She was 3 days old when SCDHR took her from the hospital. I never got to bring her home!

6.      I want to know why DHR worker Erica Robinson from Shelby County and a worker from Jefferson County came to the hospital at UAB to take Avyonna and my sister Jonna’s baby on May 10, 2016.  Jonna and I both had our babies the same day, May 9, 2016 at the same hospital if you have not targeted my family to kidnap our babies.

7.      Since I had my baby in Jefferson County, how was Adrianna Carter from Shelby County DHR able to come to that hospital on May 12, 2016 and take my baby? SCDHR worker Felicia Cooper found out I was pregnant with Avyonna when I had my last visit with Haydn and Ka’myia in December 2015 before yall terminated my rights.

8.      Erin, how is it that you take diapers to my sister Brendan for her baby Braelon and you gave her and my brother Braedan money for their birthday in August 2016 of this year? You never gave me money for my birthday and you were on my case since Haydn was born in 2012.

9.      Erin, why have you told Suzhan and Brendan that you are not suing our family? I have the lawsuit that names me, my mother-Suzhan, my uncle, Jeremy Collins, my grandparents Dee & Rodney Prince, and the people who have told the truth about what SCDHR is doing to our family. Juda Myers- Choices4life, Terri Lapoint,, and Meko Haze- The

10.  Erin why did you say you would drop the lawsuit against my family, but you were going to continue to sue Ms. Terri, Ms. Juda, and Meko?

11.  Yall need to know that Ms. Terri, and Ms. Juda was at the hospital with my family when DHR showed up to take Braelon. They are reporting the truth about how DHR steals babies. I wish they had been at the hospital when SCDHR kidnapped Avyonna.

12.  Erin, why have you told my sister that you were going to sue Choices4life and give her the money so she can raise Braelon instead of paying her attorney? Aren’t you appointed by the court, so you and Bill get paid anyway, right? My grandparents should not have to hire all these attorneys to dispute all these lies SCDHR is telling against my family.

13.  Why did you tell Brendan that she cannot see my grandparents, or talk to my grandmother? Do you not care how much you are upsetting my family? Brendan is begging to see our grandmother, but yall won’t allow her to. Brendan calls me and asks me how Nanna is doing.

14.  Do you know that I had a visit with Avyonna at my grandparent’s house on June 15, 2016? This was the same day SCDHR came to the hospital and took Braelon. After he was taken, the visits were changed to my apartment and my grandparents were allowed to visit too.

15.  Why can’t my grandparents see my baby Avyonna. Everything was fine with them visiting my baby until Tonya lied and said my grandmother said stuff she did not say. Tonya also lied on me and said I did stuff I did not do. Tonya would not allow me to do anything for my baby without always correcting me or telling me how I needed to hold her, feed, her, or change her. I know that yall are going to believe your workers over me, but the purpose of this letter is so somebody will listen and answer my questions. I am tired of being ignored. I am tired of not being with my children. I am tired of watching my grandmother cry because she can’t see her grandchildren. The last time my grandparents saw Avyonna was July 19, 2016 when Tonya brought the baby to Jack’s in Alabaster.

16.  Why did yall make my family go to Hearthstone in Cullman for visits with the twins and my nephew? Why do they lock us in this building and the only way we can get out is if someone has a key. While I was at Hearthstone visiting Brendan and Braedan, it took a worker trying 5 different keys before he could get the door opened. What happens to a family that is locked in this building if a fire happens? I can tell you what will happen, everyone will die because they cannot get out. Yall do not need to lock families in these buildings. We are not criminals.

17.  Erin, you have been to my mother’s house (Suzhan Pettus) and her partner Martha Nelson several times before Brendan and Braelon were released from Child Haven to Suzhan. I know you have been there several times since they have been at Suzhan’s. You claim you have been to my house, but you have not.

18.  Erin how come you offer to buy curtains, hang doors, hire someone from your church to fix Suzhan’s bathroom, help clean out the bedroom by moving stuff to the storage building so Braedan will have a bedroom, but you never seem to have the time to even come to my apartment in Alabaster to see how I have everything set up for Avyonna?

19.  Why has DHR been able to change the visits that were set up in an ISP for Avyonna to be brought to my grandmother’s house or my apartment? I want to know why me and Anthony have to go to Columbiana and Erin’s office for our visits, and there was not an ISP to make these changes.

20.  Erin what are you doing to have my baby returned to me and Anthony?  DHR has not offered us any services at all to reunite me and Anthony with our baby. Riane Hinton refuses to give us gas vouchers, but she offers transportation for Suzhan and Brendan.

21.  Why have yall denied my grandparents and me visits with Haydn, Ka’myia, and now Avyonna? Why have yall denied my grandparents visits with Brendan and Braelon? Why do yall make our family come to SCDHR for visits?

22.  If yall are working to reunite our family, then why can’t Avyonna spend week-ends with me and Anthony?

23.  Erin, how much money have you spent to help my sister- Brendan and her baby-Braelon, but you have ignored me and my baby-Avyonna?

24.  Erin, how come when Suzhan filed a petition to have custody to my two children (Haydn & Ka’myia), she was not good enough for my babies, but now she’s good enough to have my sister and her baby? Since my mother was denied to have custody of my children, my parental rights have been terminated and I can no longer see my children, and yall are placing them for adoption without giving me a chance to be a mother. I spent 7 years in the system from the age of 12 until I was 19. Why have yall not offered to help me get an apartment and get my children? I have done everything I was instructed to do by SCDHR, and I still don’t have my baby. Star Pope told me I had to get a job. I have worked since before I graduated high school. Star Pope said me and Anthony had to have our own place. We could not live in the mother-in-law apartment at my grandparent’s house. We have our own apartment at Fox Valley. We both work (we both recently earned a promotion), and we have a car. Anthony has passed the drug tests he took, but yall still make excuses not to return my baby.

25.  Erin, I want to know why Anthony is being made to color code for drug test when he has passed all of them? Martha Nelson, my mother’s partner has not been made to drug test, but Brendan and Braelon are allowed to live there. Martha has a long history of drug abuse, but I am sure yall already know that and you chose to ignore it. Now yall are planning to release Braedan from Brantwood and send him to Suzhan too.

26.  Have yall forgotten that Suzhan has never raised any of her five children? She did not want us. She wanted all of us placed for adoption. That is why all five of us were raised by our grandparents! Our grandparents taught us right from wrong, but we did not always do what they said. We made wrong decisions. How can you hold my grandparents responsible for our mistakes? Do yall hold your parents responsible for every decision you made that you knew was against what you were taught? My grandparents raised us in church. When I was in foster care, I was not allowed to attend church in all of the foster homes I was in. I was allowed to go occasionally.

27.  Yall refuse to bring us to our home church. Braedan wants to attend church at Alabaster, but Riane Hinton will only allow him to attend the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month, but yall bring him to visit my mother and sister every Sunday afternoon. Why can’t he attend church if he is already here? Why can’t Avyonna be brought to church anymore? Tonya brought her to church and attended the service with us. I want my baby to attend church with me and my husband.

28.  The mention of foster homes reminds me that I was in 9 placements over the years. 1. Mountain View-Gadsden, 2. Brewer Porch-Tuscaloosa, 3. Bridget & David Childs- Tuscaloosa, 4. Gloria Patton- Tuscaloosa, 5. Mary Robinson-Tuscaloosa, 6. Emma Gullage (I was abused here), 7. Three Springs-Huntsville (found out I was pregnant with Haydn), 8. Rannie & Sonny Howard- Monroeville, 9. Maxine & TB Berry- Monroeville. I was forced to leave the Berry’s without my children. I was reported as a run-away when I was made to leave. DHR knew that I was with Anthony, but yall would not allow me and Anthony to have our children.

29.  Does anyone notice that I was placed several hours from my grandparents that live in Alabaster, Alabama every time I was moved? By the way, when my other siblings were in foster care, we were not allowed to see each other, and they were hours away from home too. My grandparents drove to Tuscaloosa many times to pick me up for week-end visits. They picked Jonna up for week-end visits too when she was in Talladega and Enterprise. They drove all over the state to visit Haydn when he was not allowed to come home. They have continued to drive to Cullman and SCDHR every week since yall took my siblings just to visit with them. My grandparents provide meals for all of us when we have visits. My grandmother made chicken and dumplings and an apple cobbler. She took her crock pot to Hearthstone in Cullman because she wanted to make sure we ate together as a family. DHR has tried to destroy our love for each other as a family. I hope yall know that is not possible because we were raised to love each other while we were with our grandparents.

30.  I was raised in foster care, but yall say I am an unfit mother, then what does that say about the foster care system that has failed me and my children?

31.  When Blakely Moore removed me from my grandparent’s home against my will, I was strapped to a gurney and placed in the back of an ambulance. I did not want to go with DHR. I tried to tell them we were not abused by our grandparents. I was screaming for them to release me! I was begging for my grandmother to help me and not let them take me. She could not get to me because of the police officers DHR brought with them. I was taken to Mountain View in Gadsden. I was terrified to be strapped down and I could not move. The solution yall had was to give me drugs to calm me down. I did not need drugs, I needed my family!

32.  What about all the drugs like Abilify and Respirdol DHR was allowed to give me against my will? They also drugged my twin brother Haydn and my sister Jonna while they were in facilities too. We all are dealing with side effects of medications yall forced us to take. My brother still complains of his joints and chest aching.

33.  Why is DHR allowed to take me and my siblings to have a psychological evaluation and claim we are depressed and we need medication? Did anybody ever stop to think I was depressed because I missed my family? Rather than allow children to be raised by loving grandparents yall ripped me and my siblings from our grandparent’s home and because we were depressed you chose to drug us instead of complying with your own code to Aid in the preservation, rehabilitation and reuniting of families.

34.  When I refused to take the medication, I was accused of being defiant!

35.  Why were both of my brothers taken to Deegan Malone to have a psycho sexual evaluation without anyone knowing what was going on?

36.  I want to know how my twin brother Haydn Boothe was sent to Deegan Malone when he was 12 years old and he was accused of being a sexual predator. My brother never did anything to any of us. All he did was hold me down and pop my bra strap. We wrestled all the time. I have stated many times he did not rape me or my sisters, but yall accused him of raping me.

37.  If you thought my brother Haydn raped me or my sisters, then why didn’t yall do a rape kit on us? Yall have no evidence against my brother, but yall managed to ruin his life with your lies! NO one did medical tests on me to prove he did anything. NO one believed me when I said he did NOT rape me. DHR interrogated my brother for almost 5 hours until he broke. He actually said “what ever yall said I did, I did it”. He did not have an attorney present nor were my grandparents allowed to be with him. Questioning kids alone seems to be something SCDHR enjoys doing.

38.  I want to know how Deegan Malone is the only person yall have to do these evaluations.


40.  Now my younger brother, Braedan is being sent to Deegan and now he is accused of being a sexual pervert too. He has never done anything either, but now yall want to put him on medications too and ruin his life! Braedan has had a cell phone since he was 12. He has never accessed anything on it but dancers and Christian artists because my grandmother checked his phone randomly so he never knew when she’d ask him for it. My brother is being accused of putting porn on a phone given to him by foster parents, Jim and Amy Glimpse. How do we know they didn’t put the porn on that phone to trap him?  Yall continue to keep us separated and traumatize my family.

41.  How come Sherry Whitehead took my 14 year old brother Braedan on July 22, 2016 while we were in court to Deegan Malone for a psycho-sexual evaluation?

42.  I want to know why SCDHR did not have a placement for Braedan on July 22, 2016 when he was removed from the Glimpse’s home in Cullman. He had to stay with Sherry Whitehead at SCDHR until almost 10 P.M. to wait on someone to transport him.

43.  How come my brother Haydn was released in 2013 to live with my grandparents?  Yall knew Brendan and Braedan lived there too. Someone please tell me why SCDHR released Haydn to come back to our grandparent’s house if yall say he cannot be with young children. Yall knew there was nothing to worry about from the beginning, but treated yall him like a criminal without any representation or proof! In the U.S. we have rights but yall have consistently taken our constitutional rights away.

44.  Yall said Braedan cannot be with other children under the age of 14 either. Then can someone please tell me why he is being sent to our mother’s house? I will tell you why! He is not guilty of doing anything wrong and yall know it.

45.  How come all the charges yall had against my brother Haydn were dropped when he came back to live with my grandparents in 2013? My brother completed all yalls programs for being a sex pervert, but yall still want him to spend more money and stay on probation. He should not be on probation at all and the reason is because yall know he did not do anything wrong, but yall have destroyed my brother’s life with yalls lies! We were 12 years old when yall took us from my grandparents. Haydn spent 5 years in Hill Crest, Mt. Meigs, Vacca, Safety Net, and Tri Will because yall wanted him in the system so you can get money. Now yall are trying to do the same thing to my brother Braedan. Why can’t yall leave my family alone and let us be a family?

46.  How come everything was fine for Brendan and Braedan to live with my grandparents with Haydn until Braelon was born? Why did SCDHR think they needed to take my nephew when he was 2 days old on June 15, 2016 and the only reason yall gave was safety concerns? I’ll tell you why. Yall kidnapped my nephew and my brother and sister so you can get more money.

47.  Why did SCDHR wait until the next day to come to my grandparent’s house if yall were concerned for their safety to get my sister and brother- Brendan & Braedan on June 16, 2016? I was there at my grandparent’s house when yall came to get the twins. I am the one that made the video of yall lying to my siblings when they were told they would not be split up. There were several police officers that came with DHR and one of those officers threatened to use a tazer on Braedan because he did the same thing I did. He refused to go with DHR. My grandmother begged him to go peacefully, so they would not hurt him like they did me when I was removed against my will.

48.  I was at the hospital when Sam came in to see Braelon. My grandparents did not invite him there. My grandmother followed the instructions the police gave her to call Sam’s mother and bring him to the hospital for the DNA test. My grandfather was not there when Sam got there. So why are yall accusing my grandparents of abusing Brendan for allowing the rapist to come to the hospital? The only reason I know of is so yall can tear our family apart and tell more lies on us. The police should have escorted Sam and his mother out of the hospital. Detective Ray should never have told my grandmother to call Sam’s mother. The hospital staff should not have allowed them to come into Brendan’s room. Why didn’t THEY protect her? Everyone else in the room had to sign in but NOT Sam and his mother? As a matter of fact, we had all 5 of the badges in the room with us. We are still trying to figure out how they gained access to Brendan’s room.

49.  No one but SCDHR and the police knew Sam was a rapist until after my sister’s story went on the internet. SCDHR keeps telling my grandparents that the twins cannot come back to their house because of all the media stories.

50.  Sam raped a girl in June of 2015. Her family reported the rape just like my family did when he raped my sister. Sam was never arrested for the rape until my sister’s story hit the internet. If yall had done your job, he would have been in jail and he would not have been able to rape Brendan.

51.  There was no media coverage when SCDHR came to UAB WEST and took Avyonna. The only people there was me and Anthony. If yall are saying the twins can’t come home to my grandparent’s house because of the media coverage, then why can’t I have Avyonna back since yall taking my baby was not in the media?

52.  Bill, why did you and Bubba Green call my grandmother and offer to represent Brendan when she needed an attorney after SCDHR took Braelon?

53.  Bill, why did you tell my grandmother that I dug my own grave and that is why I lost my children? My grandmother had you on speaker phone and I heard everything you said. If I dug my own grave, weren’t you supposed to dig me out if you are my attorney? Instead, you pushed me in the grave and threw the dirt on top of me.

54.  Bill, why did you allow DHR to terminate my parental rights on Haydn and Ka’myia? You knew I did not abandon my children or do what I was accused of, but you did not represent my interests to keep my children.

55.  Bill, have you filed the motion you promised to appeal the termination of parental rights for my children?

56.  When I aged out of the system and emancipated myself at 19 in 2015, why was I not allowed to take my children with me?

57.  Bill, have you filed the petition you promised to have Avyonna returned to me since you admitted that you know SCDHR took her illegally?

58.  Why did Erica Robinson tell me that they were taking Avyonna because I had an open case with SCDHR? I know my Constitutional Rights have been violated. I want my baby returned to me. I want another hearing to have Haydn and Ka’myia returned to me as well. I do not want my children adopted or remain in foster care!

59.  How much longer do I have to wait to get my baby back? She is almost 5 months old! Our next court date is set for October 5, 2016. I want this date to be about returning my baby, not my sister’s case and her baby, or my brother. It seems every time I have a court date, all yall want to talk about is my sister’s case and the media coverage. My baby was taken a month before my sister’s baby was born. We all know that if Brendan’s story was not made public our family would be separated from Braelon too and he would be in a foster home somewhere just like my children. I do not want to continue to visit my baby at SCDHR, I want my baby returned to me and my husband.

60.  There are so many laws that have been broken by SCDHR employees, Bessemer Police Department, and the Alabaster Police Department because they assisted SCDHR in kidnaping our babies when they did not have a warrant or a court order to remove Avyonna, Braelon, Brendan, or Braedan.

61.  Yall know that none of you would want to endure any of the trauma that me and my family has gone through for over 20 years. All anyone has to do is look at all the evidence against SCDHR for harassing my family and kidnapping our children. The trafficking of innocent children that is taking place in Alabama needs to stop and hopefully, there will be enough honest people look at our case and help us get our children returned. I look forward to having justice prevail and hearing your response.



I can be reached at …..     .

You can also reach my grandmother, .at …


ALABAMA DHR:”Best Interests” Not For Children

So the ongoing mantra for the Department of Human Resources aka Child Protective Services is “in the best interest of the child.” But case after case shows that is far from the truth. One Alabama case demonstrates that fact from the very beginning. A 51 hour old breast fed  baby in the hospital was taken from his 14 year old mother who had been raped. She chose life for her baby when some suggested she abort. The baby was taken with no warrant, no court order, just a phone call to the police who happily obliged the illegal “legal” kidnapping of children. No questions are asked of the police to DHR. The judge seems to have a vested interest in each case being paid right along with everyone else for the “best interest of the child.” Court continues to be extended week after week with little to no discussion of the real issues of why they were removed from a loving home. Instead they focus on Facebook posts and other internet media and the “best interests” of DHR and all involved on the side of DHR. Attempts by anyone speaking for the children are immediately silenced by the judge. The court reporter is told what to record and what not to record.So what’s the purpose of even having a court reporter?

Most recent “best interests” for the twins are to have them repeat their 8th grade. No they did not fail 8th grade. In fact the young mother was an honor roll student. While there is a high school within 1.1 miles of the group home the young mother is understandably terrified to leave her baby with incompetent DHR agents, fearing he will die (denied medical help twice, almost fatal) or be stolen from her again. So she is refusing to go to school without her baby. But DHR refuses to allow this and the school isn’t equipped to accommodate the mom and her baby. DHR has their own “school” but do not have 9th grade. They are telling the mom that she’ll just have to do 8th grade again!
And that is in the “best interest” of the child? Absolutely not.

Alabama DHR  has substandard teaching in their own facilities. As documented by the grandparents the education given to the older twin boy and his sisters was substandard and lacked the credits needed to graduate. Had the grandmother not been part of local education system she would not have known about “credit recovery” and gotten the help her grandchildren needed to graduate. They were two years behind in their education due to being “taught” by DHR educators on their own campus. Definitely not in the “best interest” of the children.

Her twin brother was given a phone by the foster father with whom he was living. The boy proceeded to put pornography on the phone. The boy’s thinking was to make the good Christian family outraged at his actions and then he would be able to return home. Well that isn’t how it works. He was immediately deemed a “predator”, removed from that home and subjected to a non credited faulty sexual test called ABEL. Deegan Malone has been  Alabama DHR’s “preferred” person for 24 counties for psychological evaluations. She’s had a secure place with DHR for many years. The twin brother was immediately placed in a group home that his brother had been subjected to over eight years ago. That brother was falsely accused of raping his twin sister. Yes there are two sets of boy/girl twins in this family. He popped his sister’s bra strap and he was reported to DHR by his mother as raping his sister. All five children in the home were removed. Only twelve years old at the time the boy was interrogated for five hours  without counsel or family or anyone when he finally broke down and “told them what they wanted to hear.” He thought he’d be able to go home but instead they imprisoned him in the same “group home” that the younger twin brother is in now. The younger brother told DHR “You don’t think I’m smart enough to delete the porn from the phone if I didn’t want you to find it?” They do not care about his “best interests” only theirs. More money!

The sister who supposedly was raped remains furious to this day when talking about this. “I was not raped and no one believed me or even examined me.All he did was pop my bra strap.” But she too would be in foster care for years until she aged out. And continues to be tormented by DHR.

The pattern of accusations continues and children continue to be “flagged” as the social worker slipped in saying at Shelby Baptist Medical Center . She was talking about the 14 year old mother at the time. Her sister though has had three children taken from her all for DHR’s “best interests” not of the children. See each time a child is picked up Federal funds pour in. Some states receive as much as $10,000 for each pick up!

So the older twin mom gave birth to two children while in DHR foster care. Her foster mom dropped dead and DHR removed this young mom’s children without taking her. She was outraged that her children were taken and DHR deemed her “bi polar” needing a psych evaluation and drugs. She refused to be evaluated by Deegan Malone because that person had said false things about her brother. She told DHR she would go to an independent doctor but DHR said that was not acceptable. Later they terminated her rights and have placed the children for adoption. The mom is appealing with the Alabama Supreme Court. No reason, but someone told her that she was in foster care too long. Was that her fault? And is that a reason to take children from someone? Again we see “best interests ” of DHR at work. This mom gave birth to her third child one month before her sister and without warning, without warrant, reason or court order her baby was removed from the nursery and she was shown the door! Not even given a wheelchair ride to the door.This mom is married to the father of two of her children. She is employed as is her husband and they are living independently in their own apartment. Having done everything required by DHR they still are given the run around and DHR is now talking of terminating parental rights for this baby. Treated like criminals these children and these young moms are given no remedy for the human rights violations done to their whole family. Six children are now in custody from this family and there is yet to be given a real reason. Federal laws as well as state laws are blatantly being violated. reported from the beginning on the story stating that the hospital had mentioned there were “safety concerns.” So the question was asked if there were true “safety concerns” shouldn’t the 14 year old “child” mother have been taken with her baby? Truly there were no safety concerns. DHR agents had “approved the home” just the week before. Because of social media receiving over 1 million views in less than 24 hours DHR then removed the 14 year old mother from her loving home along with her 14 year old twin brother. If the “best interest of the child” were truly their motive they would have allowed the new mom to gather the necessary items females need after giving birth. She was taken from her home with the clothes on her back. Her brother who was reluctant to go with the police was threatened with being tazed. Tazing-is that in the “best interest of the child?”

The twins were separated for the first time in their lives. The mom was reunited with her baby and they were taken to a toxic black mold ridden facility in another county. There she was immediately put on “kitchen duty” with total disregard for the new mom’s stitches after giving birth and forced to clean and sweep. Because of this disregard her stitches ripped. She was also forced to wash her own clothes and prepare her own meals as well as breast feed every two hours. She was denied the right to speak to her attorney and family. Her phone was confiscated when they discovered she had sent pictures of the horrid conditions to her advocate and family. Her accused rapist was released on bail twice! He is now in jail on four counts of rape but I bet he isn’t washing his own clothes,cooking his own meals and denied speaking to his attorney and family.

DHR continues to violate laws as well as their mantra of “best interest of the child.” The young mom’s baby was denied medical attention twice. The first time he was deathly ill and only after threats to call police did DHR get medical help. The child at one and a half weeks old was taken to the local hospital. His condition was so severe that they rushed him to Children’s hospital in Birmingham. He survived only to be returned with his mother to the exact place that refused medical help!

They were returned to the mold toxic abusive group home and then 4 weeks later she was denied medical care for her baby once again. DHR gave “gas drops” along with prune and apple juice for her screaming baby. This went on for days then at a visitation the grandmother demanded the baby be taken to a doctor. It was said that even other social workers were saying the baby needed medical attention, “There’s something wrong with this baby.” But nothing was done until the grandmother made demands refusing to let the baby go back to the group home.

The public was outraged only three weeks ago by DHR’s attempt to force circumcision on the baby against the mother’s wishes. There was no talking to them so the attorney for the baby and mom filed an emergency motion to stop the circumcision and it was approved.

The 14 year old mom was being forced to attend a Church of Christ until her attorney demanded that stop. A couple of times she has been allowed to visit her own church but not allowed to sit with friends or talk with them. She was guarded by not just one but two DHR agents even going to the restroom with her. They are controlling every movement as if they were mass murderers. The continued mental torture is weighing heavy on them. The boy has lost four pounds since arriving in DHR custody on June 17, 2016. The young mom also is very thin and she is physically and mentally exhausted.

Weeks ago a male DHR agent had to be asked to leave the room when the 14 year old  was being examined after her stitches tore. He was not going to leave on his own! Another time a female DHR agent refused to leave while the girl was being examined. She has no privacy. She is  very strong girl but DHR seems determined to make her break. Recently they were trying to get her to fill out paperwork “on her depression.” They do everything they can to create an emotional response in the children. Once they react or break they get more money because of “disabilities.” The more drugged children they have the more revenue is generated. If she admitted to depression it would give them the right to drug her and give them reason to take her baby away. And that has been their goal all along. Never was the “best interests of the child” shown to this young mom, her child, her twin brother or the rest of their family.

Many families can attest to the very strategic method by which Alabama Department of Human Resources is destroying families and getting paid huge amounts for doing so. Children ripped from loving homes are put in strange and substandard environments and expected to “comply.” If they do not comply they are punished. DHR traumatizes children. Emotionally abusing these children leads to “acting out,” Systematically, children are mistreated. When they “break” that enables DHR to drug their victims and collect bonus funds for “children with disabilities.”  You would think the Inspector General would use this opportunity to show this as Medicare Fraud because foster care children are receiving Medicare for the payment of the drugs.

A report done in 2015 called Second=Generation Antipsychotic Drugs and Children comes from the Department of Human Services under the supervision of Daniel R. Levinson, Inspector General, March 2015,OEI-07-12-00320

“We selected a sample of 687 claims for SGAs prescribed to children in California, Florida, Illinois, New York, and Texas. These States represented approximately 39 percent of total Medicaid payments for SGAs in 2011. Board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrists reviewed medical records related to the sampled claims using seven criteria related to quality-of-care concerns (see the chart below for the criteria). We established these criteria on the basis of information and guidelines issued by various Federal and State agencies and professional associations regarding the prescribing of psychotropic drugs to children.”

Second-Generation Antipsychotic Drug Use Among Medicaid-Enrolled Children- Quality-of-Care Concerns (OEI-07-12-00320; 03-15). - oei-07-12-00320.pdf 2016-08-01 14-56-37

There seems to be a specific pattern with the Alabama Department of Human Resources. Children who “act out” because they were emotionally tortured, being torn from loving homes, parents and everything they know are quickly diagnosed with disorders and drugged. Many parents have shared their concern about their children being drugged. With no money for private lawyers they are pushed through the system by attorneys saying “just go along.” They never get their children back. And many others have children and are so afraid to speak out for fear of retaliation as Alabama DHR has proven to do.

The group home where the girl and baby are staying is worse than a prison. Prisoners have exercise and are able to go outside to have some sunshine. The young mom was denied sitting in the sun with her baby as directed by the doctor for slight jaundice in the baby.
The mother was told, ” if you want to raise this baby like an adult you’re gonna be treated like an adult.” Seems like that meant they were going to punish her and treat her harshly. Even adult women who give birth have the help of family or friends. This young mother surely has that support from family but is being denied by DHR. Adult mothers don’t have their every movement policed and their privacy invaded. When normal moms go to the hospital for check ups they do not have a stranger watching everything. A rape victim that has already been violated should not have to endure the repeated  humiliation of being naked and exposed to strangers.

If she’s “going to be treated like an adult” that usually means having your baby in the room with you when you sleep if you so choose. But this is not an option for this mother.  And while they say they will treat her like an adult they force her to go to bed at 8 pm!

There are countless ongoing human rights violations against this 14 year old mother and her family. Medical Kidnap has done a great job of posting updates. Many things have been done to this poor girl to make her break emotionally. She is strong beyond her years but she is human. . DHR would have removed children in a heartbeat from any home that refused to take a child to the hospital but they returned the child to the same negligent home. Four weeks later they again refused to take the baby to the hospital after the mom AND other social workers said, “There is something wrong with this baby,” who wouldn’t stop screaming. Instead they gave the baby “gas drops” along with prune and apple juice for days! Any educated person knows a six week old baby’s digestive system can’t handle that. It was only when the young mom and baby were visiting with her grandmother that the baby was taken to the hospital. Grandmother demanded and would not allow them to go back to the group home until the baby was seen. The doctor instructed everyone to absolutely not give the juices to the baby. But Zantac was given on the “idea” that the baby had acid reflux. Drugs were given to the baby before for meningitis when the child did not have meningitis. They are quick to give drugs without proper evaluations and testing. The baby at this time seems to be doing better and once again he and his mother were returned to the same abusive and negligent facility.

DHR takes children from good homes and puts them in substandard facilities,treating them worse than prisoners. When they break emotionally they are drugged. Young mothers who refuse to take the drugs have their parental rights terminated and the children are placed in adoptive homes. Every time a child is picked up federal monies are given to DHR-NOT when parents are proven incapable of taking care of the child. Listen to what one person, Carlos Morales as he speaks about the fraud in the system as a former Texas Child Protective Services Agent.

Many children have been broken under Department of Human Resources emotional torture of children and families. In fact the young mother is experiencing depression as any normal human would. The strategy of DHR in the past has been to break a person emotionally and then drug them. However if a person was deemed “bi polar” by DHR’s own  and said to need drugs, refusing would be grounds for termination of parental rights. There is a definite pattern with DHR.

The young mother isn’t allowed to have any conversations or relationship with anyone in the group home. Limited correspondence with family that is heavily monitored seems more like a hostage situation than a group that “protects children.” The emotional damage done to families is beyond measure. Sunday, July 31st this young mom was allowed to go to her church but was not allowed to speak to friends or sit with them. She was heavily guarded by not one but two DHR workers. This is insure the young girl does not share any info about what is actually happening in this group home. That was evident when they confiscated her phone immediately after she sent pictures of the mold ridden facility.

The 14 year old’s mother was being “evaluated” to see if she would be able to take the children into her own home. Based on “missing tile” she was not given the children!
Since when is “missing tile” grounds for not being able to take care of your children – especially when those same children are subjected to not only “missing tiles” but also to black mold and living conditions that are far worse?

When will this end? When every person who has been abused by this system and every person who hears the stories of this corrupt system comes together to expose and end the abuse. But the fact is that so many people are literally saying, “I wish I could help but I have children that DHR has” or “I don’t want to take the chance and have DHR take my children because I spoke out against them.”  And that is exactly what keeps DHR in the business of kidnapping children for money and other things as many children have already shared! Sexual abuse has been all too common amongst children in child “protective” services.

Let your voice be heard. Call officials in Alabama and keep calling. Real lives are counting on us to fight for them. Only when we fight together in large numbers will we be able to take down this corruption. Call today:
Alabama DHR (334) 242-1310
DHR can be contacted at (205) 669-3000, Monday through Friday from 8 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.CST
Alabama Attorney General   1-800-626-7676

Shelby Court House(205) 669-3750 Judge Corey Moore
Send letters to

Judge Corey Moore
PO Box 1253
Columbiana, AL 35051

The Alabama State Victim Notification Service (AlaVINE) is a service through which victims of crime can use the telephone or Internet to search for information regarding their offender’s custody status and register to receive telephone and e-mail notification when the offender’s custody status changes. This service is brought to you by the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, the Alabama Attorney General’s Office and the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center. The VINE toll-free number for AlaVINE is: 1-877-846-3425. Please visit the website below to search for offender custody information or register to automatically receive offender status information:

Call about the 14 yo being forced to attend 8th grade again!! Student Services Division of the Shelby County Board of Education at (205) 682-7046



There is an old children’s game of hot potato. According to Wikipedia: Hot potato is a party game that involves players gathering in a circle and tossing a small object such as a beanbag or tennis ball to each other while music plays. The player who is holding the “hot potato” is out when the music stops.

Seems like the Alabana Government is taking one specific case and acting like it’s the “hot potato.” The case I’m referring to is the 14 year old rape victim and her baby and other members of her family. This story has circulated the globe now and clearly the elected officials in the U.S., particularly the Attorney Generals are playing the “hot potato” game. Alabama Attorney General, Luther Strange, and Shelby County, Alabama District Attorney, Jill Lee have tossed this family’s case back and forth and no one wants to be responsible for the job they were elected to do. They are using tax payer funds for their salaries but won’t even answer basic questions.

This is the conversation between  a concerned citizen and Alabama Attorney General’s Office of Victim’s Assistance:
Alabama Attorney General Victim’s Assistance Jackie Faller (not sure is spelled correctly…she didn’t want to give her name but finally did just before putting the person on permanent hold!)

The caller said “I’m calling about a teen rape victim and need to know where I could file a report.”Faller said to call the Shelby County District Attorney. The caller replied,”I didn’t say where this was. How do you know?” “We’ve gotten several calls,” she said. To which the caller said,”Well that’s not working so I need someone above Shelby County DA because they aren’t doing their job.”

Jackie Faller continued, “This case is not currently under our jurisdiction.”
Caller asked,”When did that change?” She hesitated a bit then said again to call Shelby County because that’s what she was told to say. Pressed further for the name of that person who told her to say that, again she gave the same answer as before…call Shelby County DA. Then the caller asked,”Are you feeling threatened that you will lose your job if you tell me. Faller replied,”Mam you’re out of line!”

But what reason would a person have for not giving the name of the one who told them to repeat that statement? The caller asked Faller, “Do you fear losing your job,” then added “Could I speak to your supervisor?” Faller said ok and left the caller on hold for 29 minutes. The caller then hung up. “It was obvious Faller did not intend on returning to the call,” the caller admitted.

Shortly afterwards the caller dialed Shelby County District Attorney as suggested by the US Attorney General’s office of Victim’s Assistance.
Receptionist: DA’s office:
Caller: Jackie Faller at the um Attorney General for you know Luther Strange said that we give you a call to do a report for a case that’s currently going on in Shelby County with DHR and I’m sure you’re familiar with that case.
Receptionist: Um yes mam. What’s your name?
Caller: (states name) What’s yours?
Receptionist: Umm I’m the receptionist here.
Caller: Right..
Gets interrupted by reception: Uh we’re not able to comment about that case.Caller: No I’m calling to make a complaint. I’m not asking you to uh make a comment on there. Um I would like to file a complaint and would just like to know who would be able to take that complaint?
Receptionist:Um I’m not aware. You;re welcome to call DHR. However no one in our office is going to be able to talk with you.
Caller: Right. It is um DHR that I would like investigated.
Receptionist: Yes mam
Caller: So can we go ahead and take that report? What is- interrupted
Receptionist: We’re not able
Caller: What’s your typical procedure when you handle complaints?
Receptionist: We’re not able to speak with anyone who is not a legal representative.
Caller: I’m not asking for legal help or anything I just want to make a complaint.In fact you probably already know that I’m an advocate for the teen mom and all I’m asking  is what are your normal procedures for taking a complaint because Luther*she puts the caller on hold at this point
On hold for 1 minute
Receptionist: Mam
Caller: Yes
Receptionist: Hey you can call the Sheriff’s Office to file a complaint on them
Caller: OK and why is it your office isn’t responding because we have a complaint about the Sheriff’s Department too.
Receptionist:Ok Ok Well I mean you can call the Attorney General’s office for that.
Caller: We did and they said to call you.
Receptionist: Ok well I mean we don’t take complaints on them
Caller: Oh really who takes complaints on them?
Receptionist: The Attorney General’s Office on the Sheriff’s Office but as far as DHR – interrupted
Caller: Are you talking about Luther Strange the Attorney General?
Receptionist: uh huh
Caller: Well I just called that office and Jackie Faller is the one who said to give you guys a call and gave me your phone number
Receptionist: and as far as DHR goes you can call the Sheriff’s Office.
Caller: But the Sheriff’s office answers to DHR so see there’s a conflict of interest there
Receptionist: quiet for a few seconds…Well I’m not sure what to tell you.
another pause Caller: So you’re telling me there is no one who can enforce the law on an entity that is breaking the law?Right?
Receptionist: Ok I’m telling you complaints like that has to go through the Attorney General’s office. It’s not through our office.
Caller: OK But what do you think I should do if the Attorney General is sending everybody to your office? Have you guys spoken to each other?
Receptionist: no mam I’m, not that I’m aware of but I’m not sure what to tell you.
Caller: Is there a supervisor I can speak with since you’re just a receptionist?
Receptionist: What was your name again?
Caller: It’s (states first name) and you didn’t tell me yours.
Receptionist: Hold on one second
On hold for 2 minutes
Receptionist: Mam the head of our office is District Attorney Jill Lee and if you want to leave your name and number I can have her call you I can have her call you back
Caller: O K  um My name is (states name) and gives phone number. And so you’re not- you’re refusing to give me your name
Receptionist: Yes mam (hesitates) I’m Marjorie I’m the receptionist
Caller: Thank you Marjorie
Receptionist. Ok Thank you bye bye
Caller: Ok bye bye

Pass the Buck, Hot Potato or Dodge Ball no matter how you look at it destroying the lives of innocent families is NO GAME! Our country is in desperate trouble when there is no accountability. People are calling race wars right now but it is clearly a government power trip against the taxpayers of America. Distractions that cause of to fight colors instead of getting to the real issue. A government that refuses to control their own. Starting at the very top with Hillary Clinton blatantly and grossly violating laws and abusing her position yet the head of the FBI does not want to prosecute her and send her on her way to run for President!

The good news is that the United States office of Attorney General did spend time taking a complaint. Someone named Jayla was very helpful in typing all the words of the complain spending over 20 minutes. The bad news is that there isn’t a follow up or a person to connect with about the case later. It was simply stated that they report would be filed. There is a Freedom of Information form that can be filled out later to inquire about the report but no case number or reference number was given. Not sure how that will work in finding what is happening with report. If business operated like the government it would either result in bankruptcy or jail!

Yes there are “good” people in government but until the good ones can oust the bad ones we will continue to have corruption at every and all levels of government. Favors are done to cover another’s illegal activity in hopes of a “return favor.”

If good people remain silent in the face of evil they are no better than the evil itself. Cowards lose. There are those who risk their very lives to expose truth over lies. Some do end up dead but those who live in fear and do nothing to save themselves or their families have already died!

If you are not a coward then continue to call anyone and everyone you think could help. Congressmen, Senators, friends of people in power anyone you know can help. Remember those who remained silent during the holocaust were later taken too.

There is so much evil and it can seem overwhelming to many. But together good can overcome evil. NOW is the time to unite and no longer be led away to the auction block by governing powers.


Finally we have a glimmer of hope. The attorney for the family of the 14 year old who was taken from family after her newborn baby was taken filed a petition today to halt the unlawful forced circumcision of a baby just under a month old. That petition was upheld by the presiding judge.  Some protestors were outside Dr. Tara Fales’ office today and were told that she had “canceled the appointment.” Well that is not entirely true. The appointment was canceled but not by Dr. Fales. In fact Dr. Fales did everything she could to make the mother choose to circumcise her baby. The mother of the baby said she was told “he will get STD’s and infections if he doesn’t get circumcised.”  That simply is nothing close to the truth.

STD stands for SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE and ANYONE can get the disease, circumcised and non circumcised. And wait …even females get STD’s.  This doctor should be ashamed of herself and so should Alabama Dept. of Human Resources for pressuring this young mom. Just last night the mom was adamant about not circumcising her son but when family talked with her today she said she was afraid of what DHR would do if she didn’t do it. She said that DHR went to her this morning and pressured her. This young mom was so beaten down she just wanted to comply for fear she will lose her baby. She is scared to sleep because that fear looms over her.

She woke up at 6:30 am because her baby was screaming and found him strapped in a car seat. Braelon is not allowed to sleep in the same room with his mother and is watched by a DHR “sitter” to keep the mom from running away with her baby. But when his mom saw him in the car seat she couldn’t help but fear they were taking him somewhere. When questioned the “sitter” said she just wanted to put him down and had no where else to put him. That is not true. He has a bed!

Thank you … the thousands who signed and share the online petition. Your support is greatly needed and we believe that if this story had not gotten the attention from the world this baby would have been adopted out. Stories like Braelon’s don’t end well. In fact this young mom’s sister is fighting her own battle.

Haly was 18 with two children. She had been in foster care once again under the DHR deceptive practices. She had gotten pregnant in foster care and her foster mother dropped dead of a heart attack. DHR swarmed in and took the two children and wanted nothing to do with Haly being she was 18. Haly became angry and DHR accused her of being “bi polar.” They insisted she take drugs but she refused as Haly said “I’m not bi polar. I’m just angry and want my children back.”  Haly said she would get an evaluation from an independent Dr. but DHR would hear nothing of it.

There were no outcries. No social media petitions. No help for Haly. DHR terminated her rights for no reason, well no legitimate reason. Haly has appealed and is awaiting the hearing. Haly gave birth a month before Braelon was born and her baby was taken straight out of the nursery. She was not warned or told why. The hospital didn’t even wheel her out in a wheelchair but simply said she could go. The disrespect these moms receive is appalling.

Today Haly is fighting for her baby girl. Hearings revolve around social media and not when she will get her daughter back. There seems to be no hope but we must fight for Haly and her children too. DHR is giving her visits each week but now saying she must pay for formula.  Haly says she was nursing and if she had her daughter back she would not have to buy formula so she shouldn’t have to buy it for someone else to feed her baby. They took the child and are getting money for the child from DHR.

The outrage is warranted because this family did nothing wrong. And for those who say there’s more to the story. YEP there is and it’s even worse than you can imagine. I know you don’t want to imagine a country where anyone can walk into your home or the hospital and say nothing and walk out the door with your child. It is absolutely frightening to imagine but it is happening and at horrendous rates. There is no accountability for this rogue organization. Police just do what they are told. Judges seem to comply with whatever DHR wants. Google CPS and DHR stealing children. You won’t believe how many times this happens.

Carlos Morales (video) former Child Protective Services agent speaks out about what he did as an agent and what the agent is about. He actually tells you what to do if you are dealing with them.

There will be no giving up for Braelon’s family. They do have attorneys but they are going to need a lot of money. The only way to win is to have an attorney NOT appointed by the court. If you want to help this family get all 6 children back where they belong please donate here: CHOICES4LIFE, an advocacy group helping females pregnant from rape or raising their children. Designate Braelon and every penny will be given to the family. In the event that large sums of money are coming in we will only take out 2.9% and 30 cents per entry for card processing. Checks to CHOICES4LIFE and sent to PO BOX 14496 Humble, TX 77346 will avoid all fees.

DHR has been stopped this time. But there is much more to be done to get these children back home to their loving family. Your help will literally mean everything to Braelon’s family.

Also if you write encouraging messages we will do our best to see that these moms will get them. The mom in the group home is under great stress from her environment being held as a prisoner. She greatly needs encouragement. And so does Haly.

Please share. Thank you

Alabama DHR Treats 14 Year Old Rape Victim Worse Than Accused/Jailed Rapist

Accused rapist Samuel Woods III is in jail charged with four counts of rape. He gets his meals prepared and his clothes washed for him. He gets to talk to his lawyer and family. Mind boggling how a 14 year old rape victim and her baby cannot even receive what a prisoner in Shelby County, AL jail gets! She is locked up in an Alabama Dept of Human Services (DHR) facility that has mold and bugs and when she sent pictures to family and Juda Myers, CHOICES4LIFE, her phone was confiscated. They didn’t want her relaying what the facility looks like or what the staff is doing. She is monitored while speaking to those she is “allowed” to speak with and her attorney is not on the list of “approved persons.” Woods can speak to his attorney!

When she is allowed to see her grandparents they are locked in a room. In the case of  fire or other emergency they would be trapped in there.  The mother was denied medical help from staff in the facility when her baby was obviously sick with fever, vomiting and diarrhea. The mother begged from Tuesday to Friday always being denied. Friday evening the mother demanded to be taken to the hospital, threatening to call police. The home supervisor gave in. However had the supervisor not given in, the mother would have had NO ability to call for help since they took her phone. That baby would probably have died.

The baby was so serious that the local hospital transported him to Children’s Hospital in Birmingham. Treated for meningitis, there was no confirmation that he even had meningitis. At one point he was struggling to breathe and the family feared he wouldn’t pull through. The doctor finally realized it was a virus and treated him. The baby did recover and he along with his mother were taken back to the same facility where the abuse occurred!

While in the hospital the mother had to fight DHR supervisor trying her best to put the baby on formula. That supervisor continues to force formula to be given to the baby. The Guardian ad litem stopped that from happening. However they continued to force the mom to pump her milk and bottle feed “so they could see how much milk he was getting.” Bottle feeding a nursing baby makes if very difficult for both baby and mother. Once home they are still making her pump milk.

The mother, while her baby was in the hospital, was in great physical pain and wanted to see a doctor. Great place to be right …a children’s hospital. But no! The supervisor refused to let an ER doctor at Children’s Hospital see the mother and drove her to the Shelby Baptist Medical Center where the baby had been taken originally from the mom. This was about a 45 minute one way trip.  Separating the baby and mother for hours and returning the mother to the place of trauma where she had her fingers literally pried from her baby laying on her chest. It was the Shelby social worker that did that for DHR.

DHR agent Azhkara Evans backed by three armed police officers entered the hospital room without warrant, without court order and without reason! Officer Edmundson informed everyone that they did not need a court order. “DHR calls us and we do our job.” This is a blatant violation of this family’s rights according to the 4th amendment in our United States Constitution which states:

Amendment IV

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Since then multiple violations have been committed, even against their own Alabama laws. It is as if DHR has no law. Over and over they do whatever they want and answer to no one.

The mother was placed in an ER room and the phone was literally removed from the wall and taken out of the room. The DHR “guard” stood in the room even violating the girl’s privacy as her PRIVATE parts were being examined. Humiliating and traumatizing this girl DHR’s robotic mantra is “we are looking out for the best interest of the mom and baby.” NOTHING DHR has done has been anything near that.

DHR without any court judgments have taken it upon themselves to force circumcision on the newborn baby. Yes that is correct. And for everyone saying “they can’t do that” the reality is they can because they do not follow the law. Judges allow this to happen. Police do nothing and that “task force” set up by the governor is filled with DHR workers along with the head of DHR! Is this kinda like Iran inspecting their nukes?

Along with forcing circumcision the mother is being attacked for being so tired she can’t wake up to feed her baby. They are trying to break her. If she were home with her loving family she would not have to be a full time mother doing all the duties of washing clothes and preparing her own meals. This is a RAPE VICTIM, A CHILD herself. Her accused rapist does not wash his clothes or prepare his meals. This precious young mother should have help but DHR wants to break her, say she isn’t a fit mother and take her child.

Interesting fact: That specific DHR group home housing the mother and baby forces everyone to attend a Church of Christ service on Sundays. Thanks to the young mom’s Guardian ad litem she will no longer be forced to attend a service that is not of her choosing.

This case for Alabama Dept of Human Resources of Shelby County is a bit harder than their usual case. They usually just take the children and people have no money or understanding how to fight. So many lose their children because they don’t know where to turn. From what I’ve seen in the past had this case not gone public the baby would already be placed for adoption.

Alabama DHR is a rogue organization operating like a communist country. They roll their eyes when the law is quoted. When someone called Alabama Dept. of Health about the unsanitary conditions in the group home they were directed to DHR. “DHR inspects their own facilities,” said the person at Alabama Dept. of Health. Once again Iranians come to mind. That’s why the DHR workers do as they please without any fear of prosecution.

Many people were slapped with lawsuits. Intimidation to silence even the media such as Daily Haze and Health Impact News along with Meko Haze and Terri LaPoint was used. Juda Myers along Myers’ non profit organization, CHOICES4LIFE which helps rape victims pregnant after rape or raising their children was sued. While being told to remove all posts about what was happening to this family, not one of them took anything down. In fact they vow to expose the truth at every turn. DHR probably thought that this family having been a victim of theirs in the past wouldn’t put up a fight. But they not only are fighting they have a world of voices with them.

But the urgency right this moment is to stop the forced circumcision of this baby! And getting this mom, her baby and brother safely back home.

Is this an attempt at hiding what is going to be done.

Please contact Governor Bentley. He’s got problems of his own right now but tell him this is a way to be the hero to his constituents. He must do what is right and stop this horrendous attack on the human rights of the most vulnerable. Also contact
FBI Crimes Against Children
Unit Room 11163
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20535-000
(202) 324-3666 or Birmingham, AL. (205) 326-6166

Alabaster Police Dept should be contacted for acting without a warrant.

If you’ve been treated unlawfully by Alabama DHR please message the FB page Save Braelon’s Family. Do not stop calling officials and sharing about this horrible injustice. The abuse must be brought to an end.


June 25 the 2nd under age girl pushed for an arrest of accused rapist Samuel Woods III. But the 2nd was actually the first! One year ago an underage girl went to the police with her mother to report a rape.

A mother saw the posts about a 14 year old who was raped and her baby was taken. She heard rumors from Shelby hospital staff that made her just ignore the story. But then she saw the post about Samuel Woods III being arrested and accused of raping that 14 year old and that’s when she became very interested.  Samuel Woods III was the very same boy she filed a report against with Helena police one year ago.  Her daughter accused Woods of rape in June of 2015 but nothing had been done.

I spoke with the mother who told me “if my daughter had sex for the first time with her boyfriend and made a stupid mistake I wouldn’t have gone to the police. But it wasn’t her boyfriend. It was his brother who forced himself on my daughter.”

A young boy about her age became interested in the girl. The girl’s mom had met with the boy’s parents when her daughter and this young boy became interested in each other. The girl’s mother let the boy’s parents know that her daughter was only allowed at their home when they were home. One day the daughter was dropped off at the boy’s home by her brother. She had been told that the mom was home. But after the girl entered the home she was told that the mom was on her way home. So the girl didn’t call her mother to come get her. The mom did not come home and it was reported that her boyfriend “fell asleep” and Sam Woods III forced himself on the girl.

The next day she told her mother exactly what had happened in detail.  “Sam stole my virginity.” The daughter told her mother. She told her mom (and police) that Woods had taken her cell phone and purse and she couldn’t call her mom. The mother called Woods’ mother. According to the victim’s mother, Woods’ mother refused to believe her son had done any wrong. The victim’s mother then went to Helena police department to file a full report with her daughter. The Helena police questioned them and also took clothing as evidence. The police then instructed the mother to take her daughter to Owens House in Columbiana to make a report.  Not knowing why, she obeyed as part of the “process.”  She arrived and the same DHR (Dept. of Human Resources) agent that came to take Braelon from his mother was there. They said they had to talk to the girl “alone.” Seems that is a routine for DHR to isolate children without legal counsel or an advocate or guardian. They took the girl into a room and videotaped her being questioned. The girl remembers only an older man being in the room.  Her mother was not allowed to be in the room and as of yet has not seen the video supposedly in police possession. She asked why but was given no answer. When she called DHR later, the mother got no call backs and said “There were no “resources” for my daughter.”

Later when she called the station the mother was told that Woods had been picked up and questioned. She was also told he confessed to having sex with her underage daughter. But police released him saying they were going to send all of this to the Grand Jury for a “stronger case.” How much stronger can you get than an accusation and a confession?

After the report was filed months went by and nothing was done.  Questions were not answered; phone calls were not returned. Once while she was out of town on vacation the new detective called but she missed the call. She didn’t find this out until recently speaking to the detective. The victim’s mother learned the detective had called only “to see if she wanted to continue the case.” That was last year and no further efforts were made.  Samuel Woods III was free. The family said they just dropped it thinking that justice would not be served.

A victim’s nightmare, Woods showed up at her home coming dance making comments that were inappropriate and intimidating trying to “get together” with her. He had graduated from high school but was at this dance for freshmen and sophomores.  The mom confirmed that Woods also messaged her daughter on Facebook after the dance “wanting a relationship with her.”

This all happened after the police report and confession.

It wasn’t until the mother saw the story of Woods and the 14 year that she pushed the police to act upon her charges immediately. Woods was finally arrested and once again released, this time on a $30,000 bond.  The victim’s mother told me that the detective working the case told her Woods confessed once again to having sex with her daughter as well as the 14 year old.  He confessed having sex with them by name! “The two are now linked,” he told her.

“If Samuel Woods III would have been prosecuted and fined he would not have been able to rape the 14 year old and impregnate her. The minimum fine is two years in jail. The police failed to protect her and the others he is accused of raping.” The victim’s mother said frustrated.

She also added, “We’re a strong family in the community. No drama in our life. Even when my daughter was raped we simply went to the police and followed their process. We heard nothing.  I told them we wanted it taken all the way. They wouldn’t even listen to us. We dropped it. They mishandled what was obviously right in front of them.”

The family of the 14 year old is being charged with negligence and putting their granddaughter at risk for letting Woods go into the hospital room. I was there and the sheer panic on their face said it all.No one in that room had invited Woods and his mother. People in the room looked like someone had just pulled a gun on them, frozen in fear. And the 14 year old who was standing behind her baby backed up as far as she could go with the same sheer terror in your face when Woods and his mother waltzed into the already filled hospital room. He should have never been allowed to enter even for basic hospital protocol 1. without signing in and 2. Hospital does not allow more than 5 in the room and the room already had given 5 passes for the room.

Woods’ family was also not protected. There are two minors, one female and one male, living in the Woods’ home where the alleged rape occurred. If there were “safety concerns” as stated by the social worker at Shelby Medical Center, why weren’t Woods’ siblings removed for those same “safety concerns?” If Woods was deemed dangerous in regards to entering the hospital room of the 14 year old why was it also not “dangerous” to have him living in the home with a young female? Why is a 14 year old mother and newborn baby and her twin brother removed from their family but the accused rapist is not even put in jail for over a year?

For one year police left girls vulnerable and at risk by letting a confessed rapist walk free.  Bail was set at $30,000 for each count of 2nd Degree rape. He posted bail of $6000 on two charges and was freed. He was again arrested on two additional charges and at the time of this writing remains in Shelby County Jail with four counts of 2nd degree rape.  However in the event that he pays the $6000 needed to post bail he will be free to walk free until his hearing. But the 14 year old is being held against her will and her rights violated.She and her baby have been forced to live in unsanitary conditions at a group home. The baby is currently in Children’s Hospital and family was told the baby could have died. We are told that the mother begged from Tuesday to Friday to take her baby to the doctor and finally demanded on Friday that he be taken or she was going to call police. However her phone had been taken from her and she can only make calls by permission. The baby was transported from a local hospital to Children’s hospital because of the severity. They began treatment for meningitis but it was not confirmed that he had meningitis. The 14 year old cannot have any phone in her room and even when she was seen in the ER they removed the phone from the wall and took it out of the room. Her grandmother followed her to the ER and wrote “You are loved.” on the girl’s hand. The 24 hour social worker guarding the girl insisted on seeing what was being written on the girl’s hand. This has gone from bad to worse. No warrants, no court orders and the girl her baby and her twin brother remain “in custody” as if they were the worst criminals all the while being told “we’re looking after the best interest of the children.”

Justice must be served. Criminals should be taken off the street and innocent children returned to their loving families.

“Pro Lifers” Agree to Pay Planned Parenthood to Kill Conceived in Rape

Ah you can hear the cheers as more and more states “defund Planned Parenthood.” But lawmakers and most pro life leaders know all too well that they are still willing to give money to Planned Parenthood.”Pro Lifers” agreed to pay Planned Parenthood to kill conceived in rape preborn humans once again. On February 16 the Virginia House of Delegates passed HB 1090 with 64-35 in favor of paying Planned Parenthood to slaughter persons in the womb conceived in rape. Over and over deceived leaders sacrifice innocent human beings at the altar of the wicked. Where is the difference in those who want all babies slaughtered and those who want a fewer amount slaughtered. Does God look at them any differently? I dare say, absolutely not!

Oh you don’t have to say it because I’ve heard it a million times that we “have to have exceptions to pass laws.”  Why are we passing laws that say we can kill any innocent human? This isn’t a game that we get points and advance when we simply pass a law. It is the very ones who claim to be “saving some” that are truly keeping the abortion industry in business. Regulating abortion does not end it. There are gaping holes in all the bills leaving a person only to follow the correct guidelines and then babies can be killed. When rape is the open door a woman only needs to say “I was raped” to have an abortion. And all the women who actually are raped and pregnant are minimized. They already suffer from abuse and disbelief. Allowing every woman to use that excuse truly is an attack on women as well as the real babies conceived in rape. These laws keep the mothers and rape conceived children in a death pit with no acknowledgment of humanity whatsoever.

Texas passed a law to defund Planned Parenthood with the following text:

“will not provide any funds to any other entity that performs, an abortion during such period.

(b) Exception.—Subsection (a) shall not apply to an abortion—

(1) if the pregnancy is the result of an act of rape or incest; or”

Then a Republican congresswoman from Tennessee,Rep. Diane Black (R-TN) sponsored H.R. 3134. Black even worked as a nurse for forty years so she should know better. Black encourages people to view the Planned Parenthood videos taken undercover by Center for Medical Progress. She uses words like “horrendous activity”,”despicable activity”, “against the law”, “believe there has been illegal activity where tax payers dollars being used” but turns a blind eye to all of that happening to the rape conceived children. Black wants this bill to reach the desk of the president so he can “see where his values are!” If she is saying it’s OK to kill the rape conceived, to pay Planned Parenthood for all that she described, in my opinion she is no better than any of those who are pro choice for any and all preborn to be killed. Someone is being killed by both sides!

I keep asking the question, “Why do leaders continue to allow the killing of rape conceived?” And the only answer I get is “We can’t pass the laws without them.”
Seriously? Let’s apply that to blacks and slavery. What if we had passed laws to end slavery for most but not all because it is the only way to “pass laws.” Or let’s apply that to the Jews. We could have said let’s allow only 1% of the millions to be killed and let’s make sure the gas chambers meet strict cleanliness restrictions, maybe even have a doctor on call to observe. The absolute insanity of what is being done today is beyond explanation.

In a recent article by Lisa Riley Roche writes:

SALT LAKE CITY — Gov. Gary Herbert said Wednesday he “conceptually has no problem” with legislation being drafted to require anesthesia be administered to a fetus before an abortion.

“You know, abortion is a very emotional issue,” Herbert told reporters. “Rather than get into the abortion debate, I guess the question is: If we’re going to have abortion, what is the most humane way to do it?”

All I can say is that people no longer seek God for their solutions and think they know better than the ONE who made all of us.

San Bernadino Man Threatened by Terrorists

What the media is being careful not to divulge is the back story of the San Bernadino massacre.  Tuesday December 1, 2015 Nicholas Thalasinos posted to his Facebook wall a threat he received via Facebook message.

His post read

Here is a message sent to me by the ANTISEMITIC BRAIN SURGEON Med Ali Zarouk:

“you will never sucsseed to make a country for jews , because you are criminals and cowards ,you are juste using usa and europe to fight for you , soon you ll get your ass kicked , you will die and never see israel as country believe me never “

He ALSO assumes I’m a JEW – a great Compliment, I should keep him around for that reason alone!

Anyway my new hobby appears to be BLOCKING PAGAN ANTISEMITIC TROGLODYTES so I’m just passing this along to warn others.
Oh – and this ISNT the person I mentioned EARLIER. That was way WORSE.

The copy of Med Ali Zarouk’s FB says he lives in Kharkov, Ukraine.

nick message
 Med Ali Zarouk contacted me via Facebook message saying I was a liar. As you can read in his message he says he was making a rude comment not a threat. Someone ought to help him with definitions. Saying what he said is not “rude” but will be taken as a threat anytime you suggest that someone “will die.” The post he wrote was indeed  back in 2013  but the fact remains that less that 24 hrs after Nicholas posted it on his Facebook Nicholas  was gunned down. And this also says this wasn’t a “new” conversation.
Med Ali Zarouk - Messages 2015-12-06 14-34-47med ali Zarouk original post

Nick was not shy or afraid to speak on issues most ran from. He spoke in defense of Israel. That seemed to be the topic Nick and Farook were talking about the day Farook gunned him down. New York Post by Sophia Rosenbaum and Laura Italiano  insinuated that Nick was to blame by posting CALIFORNIA MASSACRE VICTIM RANTED ABOUT MUSLIMS ON FACEBOOK

Such bias to attack an innocent dead man but not the shooter? They even called me a “religious” friend and quoted me as if what I said was crazy.


How about the voices chanting death to the infidels or death to America?

When will THAT be a problem for liberals? With our president saying that “Muslims are our friends,” he fails to say what the problem with every terrorist claiming ISIS – the ISLAMIC  STATE IN IRAQ & SYRIA. Yes the ISLAMIC state – the state of Islam whatever the title “Al Queda. Hamas. whatever” is the driving religion motivating  the beheadings, the shootings, the bombings, the burnings, the rapes…the hatred for every person who does not succumb to their dictatorship. The president sounds sympathetic to the religion of Islam in saying Muslims are our friends when less than a week ago a faithful follower of the Quran gunned down a follower of the Bible along with 13 other people. He was not a “radical” but instead someone who not only believed but acted upon his beliefs. He was “faithful.” Christ on the other hand urged…commanded his followers to love even their enemies. Yes the media and some in governmental offices claim Nicholas was the evil person or at the least equal to the mass murderer.

LA Times on their article  would not post my comment with  Nicholas’ post. Why is the media not wanting to share the truth even in the comment section of their articles?

San Bernardino shooting - LA Times 2015-12-04 10-28-40

linda-Stasi-Linda Stasi  for NEW YORK DAILY NEWS in her article  San Bernadino killers were radical, ISIS-loving monsters- but one of their victims was just bigoted states “They were two hate-filled, bigoted municipal employees interacting in one department. Now 13 innocent people are dead in unspeakable carnage… the victim, Nicholas Thalasinos, was a radical Born Again Christian/Messianic Jew, who also connected with his future wife online and had traveled across the country to meet her…. the victim is also inaccurately being eulogized as a kind and loving religious man.
Stasi  did not know Nicholas personally but injects her own hatred into the mix failing to admit to her own bigoted opinion.

A Rueters reporter told me that a friend of Nick’s  had called Nick a couple of weeks ago right in the middle of one of Farouk and Nick’s arguments. Nick defended Israel and Farook…well he didn’t!


The shooters now  confirmed as “Syed Rizwan Farook — who along with his wife, Tashfeen Malik, carried out the San Bernardino shooting massacre — apparently “radicalized” and in touch with people being investigated by the FBI for international terrorism, law enforcement officials said Thursday.” They were faithful Muslims not radical at all. They were simply being what the religion and their book tell them.  Many former Muslims like Walid Shoebat and Brigit Gabriel know the truth and have been trying to tell us the truth for years. Here’s a great video from Brigit addressing a question from a Muslim woman. Those who do not have personal experience want to act like they know more than those who have been a part of Islam.

I was reading Walid Shoebat‘s article where he said,
“Having lived as a terrorist myself and having family who dodged the best FBI databases, this process is a joke”  Shoebat goes on to say, ” I can bet the farm that Farook’s wife, Tashfeen Malik is not Tashfeen Malik. It is possibly a code-name (explained here) and the so-called Tafsheen has a record a mile long in terror activity. And as far as his brother being active in the U.S. military in fighting terrorism does not mean loyalty. I have a brother who served in the U.S. Air Force and is more loyal to Islam.”

The media hid her face at first.


This undated combination of photos provided by the FBI, left, and the California Department of Motor Vehicles shows Tashfeen Malik, left, and Syed Farook. The husband and wife died in a fierce gunbattle with authorities several hours after their commando-style assault on a gathering of Farook's colleagues from San Bernardino, Calif., County's health department Wednesday, Dec. 2, 2015. (FBI, left, and California Department of Motor Vehicles via AP)

Dec. 2, 2015. (FBI, left, and California           Department of Motor Vehicles via AP)

The Ukrainian Muslim says that soon Nick would get “his a** kicked, he would die and never see Israel” and less than 24 hrs later Nicholas Thalasinos is gunned down? He then sends a message to me on FB saying he was being “rude” and that he isn’t a criminal. Hmm a Muslim man saying a Messianic man is going to die and never see Israel…

But the media isn’t sharing all those details. Why?

Facebook also seems to protect terrorists in that they do not block or ban comments like the ones sent to Nick. In fact Facebook is most likely to ban pro life posts. I know for a fact that this is true.

I reported someone who said they would “murder” me and Facebook’s response to me was “does not violate our community standards.” But when I made a post asking people to call the high school that employed a teacher threatening to come to my residence with a “posse” was deemed a “violation” of the Facebook community standards and it was not only removed but I was banned from posting for 3 days.

There is a craziness to protect the guilty and destroy the innocent. Even when people want to speak out they are too afraid that their comments will get them killed also. We are in very disturbing times when right is wrong and good is bad. Everything vile seems to be better than being a Christian or defender of life.

I challenge the “news” media to report truth-Not to cover it up or slant it in ways to manipulate the viewers. But even if they don’t we’re not all stupid.