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Finally we have a glimmer of hope. The attorney for the family of the 14 year old who was taken from family after her newborn baby was taken filed a petition today to halt the unlawful forced circumcision of a baby just under a month old. That petition was upheld by the presiding judge.  Some protestors were outside Dr. Tara Fales’ office today and were told that she had “canceled the appointment.” Well that is not entirely true. The appointment was canceled but not by Dr. Fales. In fact Dr. Fales did everything she could to make the mother choose to circumcise her baby. The mother of the baby said she was told “he will get STD’s and infections if he doesn’t get circumcised.”  That simply is nothing close to the truth.

STD stands for SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE and ANYONE can get the disease, circumcised and non circumcised. And wait …even females get STD’s.  This doctor should be ashamed of herself and so should Alabama Dept. of Human Resources for pressuring this young mom. Just last night the mom was adamant about not circumcising her son but when family talked with her today she said she was afraid of what DHR would do if she didn’t do it. She said that DHR went to her this morning and pressured her. This young mom was so beaten down she just wanted to comply for fear she will lose her baby. She is scared to sleep because that fear looms over her.

She woke up at 6:30 am because her baby was screaming and found him strapped in a car seat. Braelon is not allowed to sleep in the same room with his mother and is watched by a DHR “sitter” to keep the mom from running away with her baby. But when his mom saw him in the car seat she couldn’t help but fear they were taking him somewhere. When questioned the “sitter” said she just wanted to put him down and had no where else to put him. That is not true. He has a bed!

Thank you … the thousands who signed and share the online petition. Your support is greatly needed and we believe that if this story had not gotten the attention from the world this baby would have been adopted out. Stories like Braelon’s don’t end well. In fact this young mom’s sister is fighting her own battle.

Haly was 18 with two children. She had been in foster care once again under the DHR deceptive practices. She had gotten pregnant in foster care and her foster mother dropped dead of a heart attack. DHR swarmed in and took the two children and wanted nothing to do with Haly being she was 18. Haly became angry and DHR accused her of being “bi polar.” They insisted she take drugs but she refused as Haly said “I’m not bi polar. I’m just angry and want my children back.”  Haly said she would get an evaluation from an independent Dr. but DHR would hear nothing of it.

There were no outcries. No social media petitions. No help for Haly. DHR terminated her rights for no reason, well no legitimate reason. Haly has appealed and is awaiting the hearing. Haly gave birth a month before Braelon was born and her baby was taken straight out of the nursery. She was not warned or told why. The hospital didn’t even wheel her out in a wheelchair but simply said she could go. The disrespect these moms receive is appalling.

Today Haly is fighting for her baby girl. Hearings revolve around social media and not when she will get her daughter back. There seems to be no hope but we must fight for Haly and her children too. DHR is giving her visits each week but now saying she must pay for formula.  Haly says she was nursing and if she had her daughter back she would not have to buy formula so she shouldn’t have to buy it for someone else to feed her baby. They took the child and are getting money for the child from DHR.

The outrage is warranted because this family did nothing wrong. And for those who say there’s more to the story. YEP there is and it’s even worse than you can imagine. I know you don’t want to imagine a country where anyone can walk into your home or the hospital and say nothing and walk out the door with your child. It is absolutely frightening to imagine but it is happening and at horrendous rates. There is no accountability for this rogue organization. Police just do what they are told. Judges seem to comply with whatever DHR wants. Google CPS and DHR stealing children. You won’t believe how many times this happens.

Carlos Morales (video) former Child Protective Services agent speaks out about what he did as an agent and what the agent is about. He actually tells you what to do if you are dealing with them.

There will be no giving up for Braelon’s family. They do have attorneys but they are going to need a lot of money. The only way to win is to have an attorney NOT appointed by the court. If you want to help this family get all 6 children back where they belong please donate here: CHOICES4LIFE, an advocacy group helping females pregnant from rape or raising their children. Designate Braelon and every penny will be given to the family. In the event that large sums of money are coming in we will only take out 2.9% and 30 cents per entry for card processing. Checks to CHOICES4LIFE and sent to PO BOX 14496 Humble, TX 77346 will avoid all fees.

DHR has been stopped this time. But there is much more to be done to get these children back home to their loving family. Your help will literally mean everything to Braelon’s family.

Also if you write encouraging messages we will do our best to see that these moms will get them. The mom in the group home is under great stress from her environment being held as a prisoner. She greatly needs encouragement. And so does Haly.

Please share. Thank you


Alabama DHR Treats 14 Year Old Rape Victim Worse Than Accused/Jailed Rapist

Accused rapist Samuel Woods III is in jail charged with four counts of rape. He gets his meals prepared and his clothes washed for him. He gets to talk to his lawyer and family. Mind boggling how a 14 year old rape victim and her baby cannot even receive what a prisoner in Shelby County, AL jail gets! She is locked up in an Alabama Dept of Human Services (DHR) facility that has mold and bugs and when she sent pictures to family and Juda Myers, CHOICES4LIFE, her phone was confiscated. They didn’t want her relaying what the facility looks like or what the staff is doing. She is monitored while speaking to those she is “allowed” to speak with and her attorney is not on the list of “approved persons.” Woods can speak to his attorney!

When she is allowed to see her grandparents they are locked in a room. In the case of  fire or other emergency they would be trapped in there.  The mother was denied medical help from staff in the facility when her baby was obviously sick with fever, vomiting and diarrhea. The mother begged from Tuesday to Friday always being denied. Friday evening the mother demanded to be taken to the hospital, threatening to call police. The home supervisor gave in. However had the supervisor not given in, the mother would have had NO ability to call for help since they took her phone. That baby would probably have died.

The baby was so serious that the local hospital transported him to Children’s Hospital in Birmingham. Treated for meningitis, there was no confirmation that he even had meningitis. At one point he was struggling to breathe and the family feared he wouldn’t pull through. The doctor finally realized it was a virus and treated him. The baby did recover and he along with his mother were taken back to the same facility where the abuse occurred!

While in the hospital the mother had to fight DHR supervisor trying her best to put the baby on formula. That supervisor continues to force formula to be given to the baby. The Guardian ad litem stopped that from happening. However they continued to force the mom to pump her milk and bottle feed “so they could see how much milk he was getting.” Bottle feeding a nursing baby makes if very difficult for both baby and mother. Once home they are still making her pump milk.

The mother, while her baby was in the hospital, was in great physical pain and wanted to see a doctor. Great place to be right …a children’s hospital. But no! The supervisor refused to let an ER doctor at Children’s Hospital see the mother and drove her to the Shelby Baptist Medical Center where the baby had been taken originally from the mom. This was about a 45 minute one way trip.  Separating the baby and mother for hours and returning the mother to the place of trauma where she had her fingers literally pried from her baby laying on her chest. It was the Shelby social worker that did that for DHR.

DHR agent Azhkara Evans backed by three armed police officers entered the hospital room without warrant, without court order and without reason! Officer Edmundson informed everyone that they did not need a court order. “DHR calls us and we do our job.” This is a blatant violation of this family’s rights according to the 4th amendment in our United States Constitution which states:

Amendment IV

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Since then multiple violations have been committed, even against their own Alabama laws. It is as if DHR has no law. Over and over they do whatever they want and answer to no one.

The mother was placed in an ER room and the phone was literally removed from the wall and taken out of the room. The DHR “guard” stood in the room even violating the girl’s privacy as her PRIVATE parts were being examined. Humiliating and traumatizing this girl DHR’s robotic mantra is “we are looking out for the best interest of the mom and baby.” NOTHING DHR has done has been anything near that.

DHR without any court judgments have taken it upon themselves to force circumcision on the newborn baby. Yes that is correct. And for everyone saying “they can’t do that” the reality is they can because they do not follow the law. Judges allow this to happen. Police do nothing and that “task force” set up by the governor is filled with DHR workers along with the head of DHR! Is this kinda like Iran inspecting their nukes?

Along with forcing circumcision the mother is being attacked for being so tired she can’t wake up to feed her baby. They are trying to break her. If she were home with her loving family she would not have to be a full time mother doing all the duties of washing clothes and preparing her own meals. This is a RAPE VICTIM, A CHILD herself. Her accused rapist does not wash his clothes or prepare his meals. This precious young mother should have help but DHR wants to break her, say she isn’t a fit mother and take her child.

Interesting fact: That specific DHR group home housing the mother and baby forces everyone to attend a Church of Christ service on Sundays. Thanks to the young mom’s Guardian ad litem she will no longer be forced to attend a service that is not of her choosing.

This case for Alabama Dept of Human Resources of Shelby County is a bit harder than their usual case. They usually just take the children and people have no money or understanding how to fight. So many lose their children because they don’t know where to turn. From what I’ve seen in the past had this case not gone public the baby would already be placed for adoption.

Alabama DHR is a rogue organization operating like a communist country. They roll their eyes when the law is quoted. When someone called Alabama Dept. of Health about the unsanitary conditions in the group home they were directed to DHR. “DHR inspects their own facilities,” said the person at Alabama Dept. of Health. Once again Iranians come to mind. That’s why the DHR workers do as they please without any fear of prosecution.

Many people were slapped with lawsuits. Intimidation to silence even the media such as Daily Haze and Health Impact News along with Meko Haze and Terri LaPoint was used. Juda Myers along Myers’ non profit organization, CHOICES4LIFE which helps rape victims pregnant after rape or raising their children was sued. While being told to remove all posts about what was happening to this family, not one of them took anything down. In fact they vow to expose the truth at every turn. DHR probably thought that this family having been a victim of theirs in the past wouldn’t put up a fight. But they not only are fighting they have a world of voices with them.

But the urgency right this moment is to stop the forced circumcision of this baby! And getting this mom, her baby and brother safely back home.

Is this an attempt at hiding what is going to be done.

Please contact Governor Bentley. He’s got problems of his own right now but tell him this is a way to be the hero to his constituents. He must do what is right and stop this horrendous attack on the human rights of the most vulnerable. Also contact
FBI Crimes Against Children
Unit Room 11163
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20535-000
(202) 324-3666 or Birmingham, AL. (205) 326-6166

Alabaster Police Dept should be contacted for acting without a warrant.

If you’ve been treated unlawfully by Alabama DHR please message the FB page Save Braelon’s Family. Do not stop calling officials and sharing about this horrible injustice. The abuse must be brought to an end.

“Pro Lifers” Agree to Pay Planned Parenthood to Kill Conceived in Rape

Ah you can hear the cheers as more and more states “defund Planned Parenthood.” But lawmakers and most pro life leaders know all too well that they are still willing to give money to Planned Parenthood.”Pro Lifers” agreed to pay Planned Parenthood to kill conceived in rape preborn humans once again. On February 16 the Virginia House of Delegates passed HB 1090 with 64-35 in favor of paying Planned Parenthood to slaughter persons in the womb conceived in rape. Over and over deceived leaders sacrifice innocent human beings at the altar of the wicked. Where is the difference in those who want all babies slaughtered and those who want a fewer amount slaughtered. Does God look at them any differently? I dare say, absolutely not!

Oh you don’t have to say it because I’ve heard it a million times that we “have to have exceptions to pass laws.”  Why are we passing laws that say we can kill any innocent human? This isn’t a game that we get points and advance when we simply pass a law. It is the very ones who claim to be “saving some” that are truly keeping the abortion industry in business. Regulating abortion does not end it. There are gaping holes in all the bills leaving a person only to follow the correct guidelines and then babies can be killed. When rape is the open door a woman only needs to say “I was raped” to have an abortion. And all the women who actually are raped and pregnant are minimized. They already suffer from abuse and disbelief. Allowing every woman to use that excuse truly is an attack on women as well as the real babies conceived in rape. These laws keep the mothers and rape conceived children in a death pit with no acknowledgment of humanity whatsoever.

Texas passed a law to defund Planned Parenthood with the following text:

“will not provide any funds to any other entity that performs, an abortion during such period.

(b) Exception.—Subsection (a) shall not apply to an abortion—

(1) if the pregnancy is the result of an act of rape or incest; or”

Then a Republican congresswoman from Tennessee,Rep. Diane Black (R-TN) sponsored H.R. 3134. Black even worked as a nurse for forty years so she should know better. Black encourages people to view the Planned Parenthood videos taken undercover by Center for Medical Progress. She uses words like “horrendous activity”,”despicable activity”, “against the law”, “believe there has been illegal activity where tax payers dollars being used” but turns a blind eye to all of that happening to the rape conceived children. Black wants this bill to reach the desk of the president so he can “see where his values are!” If she is saying it’s OK to kill the rape conceived, to pay Planned Parenthood for all that she described, in my opinion she is no better than any of those who are pro choice for any and all preborn to be killed. Someone is being killed by both sides!

I keep asking the question, “Why do leaders continue to allow the killing of rape conceived?” And the only answer I get is “We can’t pass the laws without them.”
Seriously? Let’s apply that to blacks and slavery. What if we had passed laws to end slavery for most but not all because it is the only way to “pass laws.” Or let’s apply that to the Jews. We could have said let’s allow only 1% of the millions to be killed and let’s make sure the gas chambers meet strict cleanliness restrictions, maybe even have a doctor on call to observe. The absolute insanity of what is being done today is beyond explanation.

In a recent article by Lisa Riley Roche writes:

SALT LAKE CITY — Gov. Gary Herbert said Wednesday he “conceptually has no problem” with legislation being drafted to require anesthesia be administered to a fetus before an abortion.

“You know, abortion is a very emotional issue,” Herbert told reporters. “Rather than get into the abortion debate, I guess the question is: If we’re going to have abortion, what is the most humane way to do it?”

All I can say is that people no longer seek God for their solutions and think they know better than the ONE who made all of us.