Child protective services


Finally we have a glimmer of hope. The attorney for the family of the 14 year old who was taken from family after her newborn baby was taken filed a petition today to halt the unlawful forced circumcision of a baby just under a month old. That petition was upheld by the presiding judge.  Some protestors were outside Dr. Tara Fales’ office today and were told that she had “canceled the appointment.” Well that is not entirely true. The appointment was canceled but not by Dr. Fales. In fact Dr. Fales did everything she could to make the mother choose to circumcise her baby. The mother of the baby said she was told “he will get STD’s and infections if he doesn’t get circumcised.”  That simply is nothing close to the truth.

STD stands for SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE and ANYONE can get the disease, circumcised and non circumcised. And wait …even females get STD’s.  This doctor should be ashamed of herself and so should Alabama Dept. of Human Resources for pressuring this young mom. Just last night the mom was adamant about not circumcising her son but when family talked with her today she said she was afraid of what DHR would do if she didn’t do it. She said that DHR went to her this morning and pressured her. This young mom was so beaten down she just wanted to comply for fear she will lose her baby. She is scared to sleep because that fear looms over her.

She woke up at 6:30 am because her baby was screaming and found him strapped in a car seat. Braelon is not allowed to sleep in the same room with his mother and is watched by a DHR “sitter” to keep the mom from running away with her baby. But when his mom saw him in the car seat she couldn’t help but fear they were taking him somewhere. When questioned the “sitter” said she just wanted to put him down and had no where else to put him. That is not true. He has a bed!

Thank you … the thousands who signed and share the online petition. Your support is greatly needed and we believe that if this story had not gotten the attention from the world this baby would have been adopted out. Stories like Braelon’s don’t end well. In fact this young mom’s sister is fighting her own battle.

Haly was 18 with two children. She had been in foster care once again under the DHR deceptive practices. She had gotten pregnant in foster care and her foster mother dropped dead of a heart attack. DHR swarmed in and took the two children and wanted nothing to do with Haly being she was 18. Haly became angry and DHR accused her of being “bi polar.” They insisted she take drugs but she refused as Haly said “I’m not bi polar. I’m just angry and want my children back.”  Haly said she would get an evaluation from an independent Dr. but DHR would hear nothing of it.

There were no outcries. No social media petitions. No help for Haly. DHR terminated her rights for no reason, well no legitimate reason. Haly has appealed and is awaiting the hearing. Haly gave birth a month before Braelon was born and her baby was taken straight out of the nursery. She was not warned or told why. The hospital didn’t even wheel her out in a wheelchair but simply said she could go. The disrespect these moms receive is appalling.

Today Haly is fighting for her baby girl. Hearings revolve around social media and not when she will get her daughter back. There seems to be no hope but we must fight for Haly and her children too. DHR is giving her visits each week but now saying she must pay for formula.  Haly says she was nursing and if she had her daughter back she would not have to buy formula so she shouldn’t have to buy it for someone else to feed her baby. They took the child and are getting money for the child from DHR.

The outrage is warranted because this family did nothing wrong. And for those who say there’s more to the story. YEP there is and it’s even worse than you can imagine. I know you don’t want to imagine a country where anyone can walk into your home or the hospital and say nothing and walk out the door with your child. It is absolutely frightening to imagine but it is happening and at horrendous rates. There is no accountability for this rogue organization. Police just do what they are told. Judges seem to comply with whatever DHR wants. Google CPS and DHR stealing children. You won’t believe how many times this happens.

Carlos Morales (video) former Child Protective Services agent speaks out about what he did as an agent and what the agent is about. He actually tells you what to do if you are dealing with them.

There will be no giving up for Braelon’s family. They do have attorneys but they are going to need a lot of money. The only way to win is to have an attorney NOT appointed by the court. If you want to help this family get all 6 children back where they belong please donate here: CHOICES4LIFE, an advocacy group helping females pregnant from rape or raising their children. Designate Braelon and every penny will be given to the family. In the event that large sums of money are coming in we will only take out 2.9% and 30 cents per entry for card processing. Checks to CHOICES4LIFE and sent to PO BOX 14496 Humble, TX 77346 will avoid all fees.

DHR has been stopped this time. But there is much more to be done to get these children back home to their loving family. Your help will literally mean everything to Braelon’s family.

Also if you write encouraging messages we will do our best to see that these moms will get them. The mom in the group home is under great stress from her environment being held as a prisoner. She greatly needs encouragement. And so does Haly.

Please share. Thank you